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The 13th five year plan for ecological and environmental protection was approved, and 15 industries including papermaking will be treated. Release date: Source: China Environmental Responsibility editor: Arnold browse times: 2558 copyright and disclaimer

core tip: Premier Li Keqiang chaired the executive meeting of the State Council on November 15, and passed the poverty alleviation, education and poverty alleviation plan formulated according to the outline of the 13th five year plan for national economic and social development The plan of three complementary "weaknesses" in ecological environment protection

[China Packaging News] Premier Li Keqiang presided over the executive meeting of the State Council on November 15, and adopted the three plans to fill the "weaknesses" of poverty eradication, education poverty eradication and ecological environment protection formulated according to the 13th five-year plan for national economic and social development

The meeting pointed out that promoting the construction of ecological civilization is a major national strategy and the urgent expectation of the people. The meeting adopted the "13th five year plan" for ecological and environmental protection, and determined the following tasks:

first, strengthen source control

we will fully complete the demarcation of the national ecological protection red line, improve the environmental standards and technical policy system, eliminate high pollution and high environmental risk processes, equipment and products, develop key technologies for resource conservation and recycling and complete sets of ecological treatment and restoration technologies, and accelerate the development of energy conservation and environmental protection industries

second, vigorously implement the prevention and control of air, water and soil pollution. To sum up, this is the relevant introduction action plan of the working principle and advantages of the mechanical performance testing machine

with improving environmental quality as the core, we will implement total emission control in key areas, watersheds and industries, accelerate the implementation of a number of major ecological and environmental protection projects, carry out special treatment of pollution control and emission reduction in 15 key industries such as papermaking and building materials, implement a comprehensive emission plan for industrial pollution sources, and comprehensively rectify agricultural non-point sources and livestock and poultry breeding. Promote the protection and restoration of key areas and important ecosystems, and build a biodiversity protection network

third, strengthen the whole process control of risks such as heavy metals, hazardous wastes, toxic and harmful chemicals

fourth, improve the systems of enterprise emission permits, emission trading, environmental damage compensation, etc

establish a diversified and cross regional ecological compensation mechanism, strengthen environmental protection supervision and law enforcement, timely levy environmental protection tax, deepen the reform of resource and environmental prices, and create a green financial system. Build a beautiful China

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