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The architectural coatings branch of China Coating Industry Association held a preparatory meeting for re-election in Beijing

with the expiration of the term of office of the architectural coatings branch of China Coating Industry Association once every five years, on March 9, 2011, the architectural coatings branch held a preparatory meeting for the re-election of the architectural coatings branch of China Coating Industry Association in the Sichuan Hall of the new century JAL hotel in Beijing. Yang Yuande, Secretary General of China Coating Industry Association, and representatives of 11 architectural coatings enterprises attended the meeting, The meeting was presided over by xulide of Guangdong Jiabaoli chemical (Group) Co., Ltd

the meeting discussed the articles of association and management measures of the architectural coatings branch of China Paint Industry Association, as well as the pre arrangement plan of the 2011 architectural coatings branch meeting activities. At the meeting, the general development policy of the architectural coatings branch in 2011 was determined as the construction year of the architectural coatings branch. The directors had a heated discussion on the daily affairs management, industry standard formulation, information platform construction, theme conference content, and the publishing method of the architectural coatings special issue of the branch, expressing their views and suggestions

suggestions for the articles of association and management measures of the architectural coatings branch of China Coating Industry Association are as follows:

1. More vice president units, director units and full-time member units should be recommended and absorbed to facilitate the further development and expansion of the branch

2. Strengthen the contact with local building materials associations and give full play to the advantages of resources and experts

3. Establish a unified architectural coating standard

4. Promote the development of waterborne wood coatings and other industries

5. Popularize the basic knowledge of relevant coatings, build an information exchange platform, and promote the formation of social consistency in the cognition of architectural coatings

6. The daily affairs shall be in the charge of the designated person of each governing unit

for the activity arrangement of the 2011 architectural coatings branch meeting, on the premise of basically agreeing with the original plan, the following four specific requirements are also put forward:

1. Set up a column of the architectural coatings branch on the official of the China Coatings Association (China coatings), and establish a long-term mechanism such as the architectural coatings forum

2. Strengthen the publicity of the government and real estate developers, and regularly publish special issues on architectural coatings. The special issue is planned to be undertaken by the vice chairman units in turn, with four issues a year, and each vice chairman unit will designate a special person to be responsible for relevant matters. It is preliminarily scheduled to publish the first issue at the theme summit in November 2011. In order to ensure the quality of the first issue, only one issue will be published this year

for the theme meeting held in March and November, each vice president Shan Yu will submit their own plans before April 15, and the specific theme content will be announced on May 15 after the screening of the manager's meeting. The venue of this year's theme meeting is preliminarily determined as Guangdong

4. All enterprises should assist the China Coating Industry Association in formulating standards this year

finally, Yang Yuande, Secretary General of the China Paint Industry Association, said that in 2010, various measures such as the implementation of heavy air pollution early warning were implemented. The total output of 410 construction paint enterprises above Designated Size in China reached 3.51 million tons, accounting for almost half of the total output of the entire paint industry. The construction paint industry has great potential. After the establishment of the new Council of architectural coatings branch, with the further work in the future, we hope to play a leading and guiding role in the architectural coatings industry under the guidance of the annual development policy. He hopes that the architectural coatings branch can promote and promote the formulation of the 12th Five Year Plan for the architectural coatings industry, the development of markets for architectural coatings enterprises, the independent innovation of enterprises, and the introduction of a new driving mechanism for enterprises to go abroad. While shouldering the responsibilities of the industry, the architectural coatings branch should also shoulder the responsibilities of the society, especially in terms of environmental protection and product quality, and lead the entire industry to continue to develop healthily without the effective recycling of most of these materials

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