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The approval of imported waste paper returned to normal, and the approved volume reached a new high in three months

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core tip: on July 2, the technical center for solid waste and chemicals management of the Ministry of Environmental Protection announced the details of the 15th batch of restricted import products this year, a total of 13 paper-making enterprises were approved, with a total nuclear quantity of 1773355 tons. So far, The total nuclear quantity this year reached 12.61749 million tons

[China Packaging News] on July 2, the solid waste and chemicals management technology center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection announced the details of the 15th batch of restricted import products this year. A total of 13 paper-making enterprises were approved, with a total nuclear weight of 1773355 tons. So far, the total nuclear weight of this year has reached 12.61749 million tons

the approval returned to normal, and the approved amount hit a three-month high

according to the normal progress, the solid waste center will publish the approval list twice in the middle and end of each month, but only once in June, and the approved amount of waste paper is 0. Therefore, the announcement of the 15th batch of lists at the beginning of the month (the first working day) can be seen as a supplement to June. The approved volume of more than 1.77 million tons is also the highest since April

however, it should be emphasized that despite the large volume this time, the previous supply scale has not been changed., As mentioned in the previous article, the average approval volume of waste paper this year is about 2million tons per month. Affected by the temporary measures of the customs, it fell more in May

now, the amount of approval has been enlarged again. It should be that the ecology has changed from early to early. The Ministry of environment, customs, inspection and quarantine companies, paper enterprises and overseas traders have been ready for the new import process

there is a discount on fiber replenishment

in this list, the two enterprises of Liwen in Dongguan, Guangdong Liwen and Dongguan Liwen, have received a total of 390000 tons, but these 390000 tons are also marked as processing trade, that is, the base paper produced with these waste paper will be directly exported or used for export as the packaging of other goods in the future, and cannot be sold or used in China. Similarly, Dongguan Nine Dragons also has a quota of 100000 tons for processing trade. The amount of processing trade accounts for about 23% of the total nuclear quantity

as we all know, China's paper industry is short of raw materials. Whether it is imported wood pulp or waste paper, it is simply a supplement to the fibers used in domestic paper-making, and it is a supplement to the shortage of domestic paper-making raw materials. However, the existence of processing trade means that this part of fiber resources that can be recycled into China originally flow out of China after being processed into finished paper in China. Therefore, it can only alleviate the domestic supply for a while. The fundamental method to solve the shortage of raw materials still needs a large number of. It is necessary to know that the quality of fixtures will also have a great impact on the experimental data. Fiber raw materials are imported from abroad and recycled in China. Code for acceptance of construction quality of electrical engineering gb50303 (2) 002

Top7 is dominant

as of the 15 batches of lists that have been published, a total of 66 enterprises have obtained import licenses, of which 12 enterprises have obtained licenses of more than 300000 tons. The total nuclear quantity of these 12 enterprises is 9.716267 million tons, accounting for 77% of the total

among the 12, nine dragons has 3 enterprises, Levin has 2, Shanying has 3, plus Guangzhi, Huatai, Jianhui and Liansheng, there are 7 paper groups, mainly nine dragons, Levin and Shanying, he said

because these enterprises can obtain the support of external waste, they will have greater advantages in production costs than other enterprises. This can also be seen as the state's support for large enterprises to become bigger and stronger

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