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Two post-90s guys installed street lights for their hometown at their own expense (Sun Chuanqing). In March of spring, Shangnan, located at the southern foot of the Qinling Mountains, is full of vitality. In Baixia group 1, shuangmiaoling village, Xianghe Town, the county, fast forward is not allowed to load the sample;, Village cadres are organizing villagers to dig pits and install solar street lamps beside the newly built cement road. Everyone worked very seriously, because these streetlights were hard won. On the 24th, we learned from the first share of "domestic non power nuclear technology utilization" that it was Cheng Shengzhe and Zhang Wenbo, young people of the post-90s generation, who bought and pulled them back from other places at their own expense of 58000 yuan

it is reported that Cheng Shengzhe was born in October 1996 and joined the army in September 2014. He is now a soldier, pilot and probationary member of a unit of the seventh and seventh army of the army. Since joining the army for more than four years, Cheng Shengzhe has trained hard, disciplined himself, and done his job well in a down-to-earth manner

in recent years, the poverty alleviation work in Shangnan county has been carried out in full swing, especially the infrastructure construction in rural areas has undergone tremendous changes. Shuangmiaoling village, Xianghe Town, the county used to be a big mountain with deep ditches and inconvenient transportation. Now it has realized the connection of cement roads in groups. During the Spring Festival this year, when Cheng Shengzhe went home to visit his relatives, he was very happy to see a cement road more than 4 meters wide leading to his door. At the same time, he also found that there were only a few street lights beside the 4000 employees on the cement road, which made it inconvenient for villagers to travel at night. Therefore, Cheng Shengzhe had the idea of installing solar street lamps for his hometown. After discussing with his father, he decided to take 38000 yuan from the monthly salary accumulated during his military service to buy solar street lamps. Cheng Shengzhe also actively mobilized Zhang Wenbo, a post-90s boy from the same village who is engaged in foreign trade business in Beijing, to invest 20000 yuan to participate in public welfare undertakings in his hometown

at present, all solar street lamps in Baixia group of shuangmiaoling village are installed in place, stretching for two kilometers. As night fell, the silver cement road was illuminated more brightly. People walked or chatted in twos and threes, which was convenient and safe. The villagers enjoyed the night scenery and looked forward to a better life in the future. Everyone said that this was the welfare brought by Cheng Shengzhe and Zhang Wenbo to their hometown

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