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Beware of counterfeiting environmental protection coatings before the "July 1st" final sale

beware of counterfeiting environmental protection coatings before the "July 1st" final sale

June 19, 2002

as environmental protection products gradually become popular, some environmental protection coatings have been marked with the word "environmental protection" and various "environmental protection signs" to deceive consumers. Recently, some decorative materials have been found to deceive consumers in the name of "environmental protection"

On the morning of June 16, at a paint shop on Xiadu Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, Shanxi Juhua New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was consulted about whether Shanxi Juhua New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was a strategic cooperation agreement between Yuncheng municipal government of Shanxi Province and Shanxi Aluminum Plant of Aluminum Corporation of China to jointly build Hejin Aluminum Industrial Park, such as single row, round and column. After signing the agreement, white wall paint was painted, and the old woman

board hurriedly took out a bucket of Guangzhou Pearl River × The interior wall paint produced by the factory introduced to the author: "this is an environmental friendly paint, which sells the fastest. How many barrels do you want?" The author saw that the so-called environmental protection paint only pasted a "green tree" pattern on the bucket, and then

was called "environmental protection sign", with the word "environmental protection" written next to it. The author asked the female boss what department she passed the inspection

test and certification, but the female boss hesitated and said that she didn't understand it very much. Since the paint bucket was marked with environmental protection signs, it must be environmental protection paint, so the author can rest assured to use it. The boss said that the environmental protection paint in a bucket of 5 jin was 35 yuan. When the author asked if it was better, the boss pointed to a black bucket of interior wall paint and strongly recommended it to the author. That is, the paint called "the most environmentally friendly" by the boss did not indicate the production address, date, etc., but the word "environmental protection" could be clearly seen outside the bucket

then, the author came to a paint store at Xiadu intersection. A 20-year-old boy took out a bucket of white powder

to brush milk. He said that it was the "environmental protection paint" with the highest selling point. It was absolutely free of any pollution and belonged to a green product. The author asked what the sign was. The boy pointed to a circle pattern marked with the word "Jiang" and said that it was an environmental protection sign. The author asked if there would be peculiar smell in

, and the young man began to say no. later, the author said that if there was peculiar smell after use, he would return it. The young man

changed his words and said, "there must be irritating peculiar smell, but this environmentally friendly coating is weaker than others."

excessive paint is harmful to the body

according to the relevant experts of South China green certification and testing center, at present, only a dozen paint enterprises in Guangdong have passed the environmental

mark certification, and the environmental protection marks made by other factories have passed the certification of non authoritative institutions, and even put their own

environmental protection marks to lure customers to buy. Material 1 is generally PP epdm-td20; High rigidity, medium modulus, medium impact performance according to the relevant experts of Guangzhou Environmental Protection Bureau, some over standard coatings often contain harmful

radioactive elements, which destroy human functions and cause various diseases, ranging from dizziness to infertility and even

cancer. Experts suggest that when purchasing environmental protection coatings, we must recognize that the content of benzene in the up to standard coatings should be less than

2000mg/kg, and the content of heavy metals should be less than 500mg/kg, The environmental protection coating standard is higher. At present, the environmental mark issued by the Secretariat of the national environmental mark product certification committee is the only environmental mark

It is reported that in order to regulate the paint and other building materials market, the "limit of 10 harmful substances in interior decoration materials" issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China will be officially implemented from July 1 this year, which will raise the entry standard of the paint market threshold at that time. These 10 limit regulations strictly stipulate the content of formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, benzene, toluene,

xylene, toluene diisocyanate, lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic and other toxic pollutants in all indoor decoration materials. According to the experts of

Guangdong Environmental Protection Bureau, the standards are formulated with reference to relevant international standards, The "green environmental mark is undoubtedly a huge business opportunity" of its domestic certification

is higher than the limit standard, which is only the lowest line of market access. Building materials, including coatings, that fail to meet this standard cannot enter the market

according to the relevant person of the environmental protection department, after the implementation of the new limit standard, the production qualification certification will be implemented for the coating production enterprises. The newly-built enterprises should apply to the planning and supervision department and be allowed to produce only when they meet the national standard. In this way, some existing small-scale and low-tech production enterprises will face the threat of closing down. At present, the existing manufacturers also have a large number of coatings that do not meet the new

standard in stock. The manufacturers cannot bear to lose this part of the profits, and will inevitably do everything possible to carry out a "crazy sale" before and after the implementation of the new standard. In this regard, consumers should be vigilant to prevent buying fake environmental protection coatings

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