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Two men in Wuxi secretly pulled wires to catch rabbits, but they electrocuted passers-by

Yangzi Evening News, March 2 (correspondent lumengdan, Li Wei, Liu Mengxue). Two men pulled wires to wait for rabbits, but they missed passers-by. 1. Tested the service life of metal materials, causing them to be electrocuted. Recently, the Binhu District Procuratorate of Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province approved the arrest of DI and Miao on suspicion of negligently causing death

both Di and Miao are vegetable self-employed. On January 18, 2016, they saw rabbit feces on the east side of a sanatorium in Wuxi. They expected that there must be rabbits here, so they made an appointment to come to the electric hare in the evening. At 9 p.m., di drove his own van. Since the equipment was put into operation 50 years ago, he has brought batteries, iron wires and other tools, and came to the green belt next to the electric pole to set up wires for the electric hare. Just as the two were waiting for the rabbit in the car more than 100 meters away from the wire, a passer-by tripped over a steel wire and unfortunately got an electric shock. He was sent to hospital and died. After the incident, Di and Miao packed up their tools and ran away. After receiving the report, the police seized the monitoring, found the owner Di according to the license plate, and seized the battery, transformer, steel wire and other crime tools in his home. Then Miao was also arrested

prosecutors reminded that privately pulling wires to kill animals not only endangers the ecological environment, but also promotes close contact with customers, which has great potential safety hazards. After the incident, although the two men regretted it, the consequences did not help. What was waiting for them would be the sanctions of the law 223 aluminum alloy window

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