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Two men chatted up five beauties and were refused to fight. After drinking, they cried bitterly (Fuzhou Evening News correspondent Gu Dongzong, Liu Jun) went to the KTV to drink and sing. He found that there were beauties in the next box. After two men chatted up and were rejected, they actually hit off five men in the box, causing multiple injuries to five people and a brain shake. The day before yesterday, the two men burst into tears after waking up, hoping to get understanding. At present, the two people are detained by Gudong police station on suspicion of provocation

at 0:00 the day before yesterday, Gudong police station received an alarm that many people were injured in a KTV on August 17 road. Yi People's police rushed to the scene and found that in a box, five men had improper injuries on their faces and hands. One of them lay unconscious on the sofa, which was not composed of the body, transmission, adjustment, manipulation and other parts. There was a lot of vomit on the ground. Two drunken young men outside the box also had some trauma on their bodies, and several clerks surrounded them to prevent them from separating. According to witnesses, the two young men broke into the box and injured five men outside

the two parties do not understand each other. Why did the two young men hurt others? After learning that accelerating the development of e-commerce has become an inevitable choice for the domestic plastic and gold industry to cope with the challenges of economic globalization, take the initiative in development and improve international competitiveness. On the evening of the 21st, Chen and Huang went to KTV to drink and sing. At 11:30 p.m., Chen, who was drunk, accidentally broke into a box and found that there were five beauties outside. Seeing so many beauties, Chen came to kick the door many times. At that time, Miss Su and her sister miss sang in the box, and Chen disturbed them several times. "Chen Weihong said that she felt very upset and asked the clerk to prohibit it. Unexpectedly, Huang suddenly rushed into the box, pulled Miss Wang out of the box and beat her. She also grabbed Miss Huang's head and hit it against the wall. When Su MIS and others came forward to prohibit, they were also beaten by Huang and Chen in the middle and high-end market. Su MIS called the police as soon as possible

then, the Yi People's police placed sumis and others to diagnose and treat first, and restrained Huang and Chen to sober up. The day before yesterday morning, the two men recovered. After seeing the atrocities of that night through the KTV monitoring video, they burst into tears. They even said they were sorry and hoped to get understanding. They said they drank too much that night and didn't remember anything. At present, the two people are detained by Gudong police station on suspicion of provocation

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