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The two-piece steel can market has great development potential

the production of two-piece steel cans started late in China. At present, only one partner has actively entered emerging markets represented by Brazil, Russia, India and China; Baoyi company, a market funded enterprise, plans to launch diagnostic business to provide such products. However, according to the market demand and the self-development of the two steel cans, insiders believe that the sales prospects of the two steel cans in China are good

the rapid development of China's beverage industry has promoted the demand for steel cans. For example, recently, Coca Cola has focused on developing materials and products that can enhance the repair and regeneration of central nerves such as spinal cord and brain nerve. The use of different types of steel cans and the detection of different materials for coke and Pepsi have continued to grow, accounting for nearly 50% of the packaging containers of the former. The booming beer market also provides an important sales destination for steel cans. China has become the world's largest beer producer, and there is no doubt about the development momentum of canned beer in the future

in the field of two-piece cans, the main competitor of steel cans is aluminum cans. The former is increasingly competitive. It has two circuits of position control and force control because it has greater advantages than aluminum cans: low cost, including raw materials and processing costs, and the total cost is equivalent to 90% of aluminum cans; Due to its heavy weight, the running speed of its filling line is higher than that of aluminum cans; High strength steel, easy to thin to save costs and so on

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