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The two major rubber and plastic professional platforms in China and the United States jointly held industry forums and exhibitions

-- the two major rubber and plastic professional platforms in China and the United States worked together to share the latest cutting-edge technology trends

-- in addition to high-performance mechanical properties, environmental protection and functionalization have become the development trend of materials in the household appliance industry

-- material requirements and extrusion measures for high cleanliness of HVDC insulating materials, overcoming the polarity influence of cross-linking by-products, and perfect process scheme

-- to meet the material demand, the injection molding machine has three tricks: flexible programming, modularization and precise control

-- how does plastic make sensors self-healing and improve the performance of sensors in nano electronic systems

-- new materials, dare to think and dare to use! Detailed explanation of the policy of "insurance compensation mechanism for the first batch of key new materials"

-- refreshing! Tupperware, a high-end household goods enterprise in the United States, brought wonderful sharing of innovative cases

on December 7, "2017 CPRJ SPE new materials summit - innovative technology and Application Forum and exhibition of additives and modified plastics" was successfully held in Hilton Nanhai Hotel, Shekou, Shenzhen

this conference was jointly sponsored by Yashi group Yashi Publishing Co., Ltd. and the world society of plastic Engineers (SPE), and jointly organized by Yashi group's publication CPRJ China plastic and rubber and its sister publication CPRJ China plastic and rubber (International Edition). It was fully co organized by Shenzhen new materials industry association, Shenzhen polymer industry association, Guangdong wire and cable industry association, as well as Chinaplas International Rubber Exhibition Strong support from Guangdong Plastic Industry Association, specialchem and plastic household products special committee of China Plastic Association

modified plastics are becoming the pioneer of the development of plastic industry, gradually transforming and upgrading to functional modification and high-value. The demand for modified plastics in the Chinese market is rising year by year. According to the statistics and prediction of reportlinker, a well-known French market consulting company, the market demand for modified plastics in China in 2015 was 114 million tons; By 2021, the demand for modified plastics in the Chinese market will double to 221 million tons, with a total market value of 300 billion yuan

the 2017 CPRJ SPE new materials summit has attracted much attention because of the continuous warming of global modified plastics

according to the statistics of the organizer, as of noon today, more than 350 delegates had attended the meeting

for new materials, cross-border and cross field, these enterprises are here

the audience of this forum crosses many fields, including automobiles, household appliances/3c electronics, packaging, household goods, wires and cables, toys, medical treatment and pipelines. Such as GAC group, Dongfeng Faurecia, siweier Marui, Chang'an Peugeot Citroen, Tupperware, Foxconn, TCL multimedia R & D center structural design institute, Haier Group, Konka Group, Midea Group, Meizu, Gree, Skyworth RGB, Nanyang cable, Akihabara, Lego, Yangpu medical, Yongsheng Hongji medical, Kaikai biomedical, Shunmei medical devices, Hengfang macromolecule, Yonggao plastic, Deguan film, Sinopec Yinxi technology, East China University of technology, Lite nano, Beijing University of chemical technology, sixth element materials, feirongda, Yida textile, Ruoyu technology, xurong electronics, Lixin technology, jiangzhiyuan, Baochang new materials, Renolit plastic technology, Baoxing, Hehong industry, Taiju electric industry, Jinlin industry, Longsheng precision plastic, Baoxing magnetoelectric industry, Mingzhu diaphragm, Jiangmen Jingji plastic, etc

innovative policies for additives and modified plastics Market and technological innovation zhuyulun, chairman of Yashi group, said: "Yashi group has provided many good platforms for the plastic industry, among which Chinaplas is the most famous. Chinaplas, which will be held in Shanghai next year, will become the world's largest rubber and plastic exhibition, with an exhibition area of more than 320000 square meters. The strong cooperation between Yashi group and SPE will provide a new international perspective for the plastic industry, especially for the international exchange and industrialization of additives and modified plastics. Today When the load can no longer rise, the theme of the forum is very interesting, because modified plastics are becoming the pioneer of the development of the plastic industry, gradually transforming and upgrading to the direction of performance modification and high-value, and are used in packaging, medical treatment, aerospace, automotive and other aspects. Today's venue is also very interesting, because Shenzhen is the frontier of China's scientific and technological innovation. I believe today's forum will bring you fruitful harvest. "

trick Farrey, CEO of the world society of plastic Engineers (SPE), said: "SPE is a global professional association with more than 32000 members. It helps professionals in the rubber and plastic industry to succeed through information exchange. The professionalism and efforts of the Yashi team have made this meeting one of the most successful rubber and plastic industry conferences I have participated in. Advanced plastic and composite technology has been more and more widely used in automotive, medical, packaging and other fields, benefiting people; and additive manufacturing (3D printing) technology also creates more business opportunities and possibilities for the manufacture of customized parts and products. The application of plastics does pose a pressure on the environment, and the industry must improve the recycling of plastic after consumption. Finally, I brought a courtesy, that is, all participants who participate in the operation of plastic granulator in an extremely wide range of fields can obtain SPE membership for one year free, and enjoy a lot of industry information provided by the association. "

Chen Shou, President of Shenzhen new materials industry association, pointed out: "on September 21, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of Finance and the China Insurance Regulatory Commission issued the notice on carrying out the pilot work of the first application of insurance compensation mechanism for key new materials." 。 Eligible insured enterprises can apply for the central government premium subsidy fund, with the subsidy amount of 80% of the annual insurance premium. The key areas of this support include: electronic information materials, new energy materials, and biomaterials; Advantages: new functional materials, structural and functional integration materials, high-performance membrane materials, functional polymer materials, etc; Frontier fields: graphene materials, 3D printing materials, metamaterials, new engineering plastics, high-performance fibers and composites. Focusing on made in China 2025 and new materials for military and civilian use, the first batch of application demonstration guidance catalogue of key new materials was organized and compiled, which has certain requirements for materials, such as major breakthroughs in material range in variety, specification, performance and technical parameters, and intellectual property rights; The industrialization development and construction have been completed; High technical content or added value, and broad market prospects. In terms of the application of new materials, the state attaches great importance to it, but some local areas still need to be broken through. "

Dr. Chen pingxu, product R & D Manager of Goldilocks Technology Co., Ltd., said: "Goldilocks technology attaches great importance to R & D. the company has more than 130 doctors and 600 masters, and continues to strengthen cooperation with domestic and foreign countries to provide all-round solutions in terms of design freedom, safety and reliability, and lean manufacturing. Interconnected factory (industry 4.0) It has promoted the personalized customization of household electrical appliances, and household electrical appliances have become an inevitable trend. In addition to high-performance mechanical properties, environmental protection and functionalization have become the development trend of materials. Smart home appliances have become the development trend of the home appliance industry. Plastic is more and more widely used in home appliances. The application of plastic meets the realization of the structure of smart home appliances and the diversity of appearance design. The functionalization of plastic will also help the technical upgrading of products in the home appliance industry, and provide continuous innovation impetus for home appliances in terms of safety, environmental protection, comfort and user experience. "

vid kusuma, vice president of R & D and product innovation of Tupperware USA, shared: "Tupperware was founded in 1946. There are more than 500 stores in China, and two thirds of its sales come from emerging economies. In 2009, Tupperware's main customers are the middle class in Europe. We predict that the middle class will be mainly distributed in Asia in 2020. We will use new technologies to develop multifunctional products. 3D printing is a disruptive technology, which can be applied in many fields, and the cost is constantly reducing. However The existing technology is not enough to support the future development, so we cannot be satisfied with the existing technology, and we should continue to develop and innovate. The survey shows that innovation is the driving force for the success of 90% of companies, and continuous innovation is also the most challenging point in our era. "

Liu Xiaodong, chief engineer of Guangzhou Nanyang cable Co., Ltd., pointed out: "High voltage DC extruded insulated cable is the key product to realize flexible interconnection of large electricity, long-distance high-capacity transmission and large-scale utilization of new energy power. Polymer material is the core of cable material. It is expected that the 15000km DC cable project will start in the next few years. In the global region, the demand for high-voltage DC cable can end the comparison of the characteristics of the samples to be analyzed through the superposition and partial expansion of measurement curves." It will also grow strongly, but very high uncertainty will also lead to the adoption of conservative solutions. The cable and material requirements of HVDC are high cleanliness level, super smooth, good scorch resistance, controllable degassing, a full series of stable material systems and operation records. "

Zhang Ping, general manager of Zhenxiong marketing (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. in North China, said: "Since 1998, Zhenxiong has been a pioneer in energy conservation and emission reduction. This year, the fourth generation of servo technology will be launched. Today's popular direction of new materials is: fiber: glass fiber, carbon fiber, long fiber; additives: foaming, flame retardant; new formula: temperature resistance, insulation, corrosion resistance, wear resistance; physics: micro foaming; composite materials: carbon synthesis; multi materials: two-color, multi-color, outsourcing, skin coating. To deal with new materials, injection molding machines have three tricks: flexible programming Modular and precise control. The control system must meet the flexibility requirements of new materials, fully support the IEC61131-3 international programming standard, and facilitate the use of third-party software modules. It has independent intellectual property rights and fully supports the latest joint standards, such as euromap77, OPC UA, etc., to facilitate communication with peripheral devices. And modularization is needed from the beginning of the design. Without modular design, only standards remain in the standard machine. Zhenxiong second board machine series has 13 kinds of clamping forces, 28 kinds of shooting platforms, 3 types of driving systems and 3 types of control systems. Combined machine design to meet the needs of new materials. "

specialchem S.A and eeparna DAS, director of online training program, pointed out: "Around the world, people are talking about recycling, which is particularly important for the plastic industry. There are also industry 4.0 and IOT, which is our future. For IOT equipment, plastic can solve the problem of sensors, make sensors have the function of self-healing, apply it to nano electronic systems, and improve the performance of sensors. The toughness, strength and other properties of polymer materials will help future science and technology. Especially It is not worth mentioning that 3D printing has not yet been produced on a large scale. We hope to develop into a large-scale industry, but there are also some challenges, such as the cost of equipment, limited materials, etc. Using carbon fiber has obvious advantages, such as reducing weight and more creative design. However, the cost of carbon fiber is high, which requires high energy consumption to produce and is not easy to recycle, which is the challenge faced by carbon fiber at present. Fdmsls is also a very important technology in the plastic industry. "

Dr. Yang Weimin, distinguished professor of "Changjiang Scholar" at Beijing University of chemical technology, was accepted

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