The hottest two parties in the United States have

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The two parties in the United States have not yet compromised on the stimulus plan, and the precious metals have fluctuated widely

1 RIA Novosti reported on Tuesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the country has registered the world's first covid-19 vaccine, and one of his daughters has been vaccinated with the vaccine. He hoped that Russia could start mass production as soon as possible

Dmitriev, head of Russia's sovereign wealth fund (rdif), said that we think the vaccine is very safe. I have also tried the rough test method and development history of cable failure, and I have not seen obvious side effects. We have reached an international agreement to produce 500million doses of vaccine every year to increase production, and our partners have invested 4billion rubles in the production of covid-19 vaccine in Russia

according to the information of the drug registration file of the Russian Ministry of health, the first covid-19 vaccine in Russia will be circulated on January 1, 2021. The Russian health minister said that the twice vaccinated covid-19 vaccine program can enable people to form long-term immunity. Experience has shown that immunity can last for up to two years

2. A poll released on Wednesday showed that three out of every 10 Americans who lost their jobs during the COVID-19 to control the operation of the motor said they might have difficulty paying for food or housing after the $600 weekly extra unemployment assistance expired last month. The survey also found that Americans generally believe that partisan differences lead to the government's inability to extend the epidemic relief benefits, and negotiators on both sides have. US President trump on Wednesday (August 12) accused Democratic congressmen of being unwilling to negotiate the rescue plan. The main negotiators of the Republican Party and the Democratic Party both accused the other party of being responsible for the impasse in the rescue negotiations

II. Market performance:

the gold price rose moderately in the previous trading day, with the highest price of 1966 US dollars/ounce and the lowest price of 1912 US dollars/ounce, closing at 1953 US dollars/ounce

TD gold rose moderately in the previous trading day, closing at 412.2 yuan/kg, up 5.2 yuan

TD Silver Rose moderately in the previous trading day, closing at 5936 yuan/kg, up 92 yuan

III. position analysis:

the non-commercial net long positions of CFTC in gold and silver are at a medium high level, and the risk of long positions is gradually accumulating

IV. technical analysis:

on the previous trading day, London gold closed at a basic bareheaded and barefoot great Yin line, and the closing price closed below Ma5. Ma5 turned down, MA60 continued to extend upward, RSI index returned to the normal range, and may be sideways or continue to decline in the short term

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the first support level below is 1900 US dollars/ounce, the second support level with the development of industry is 1820 US dollars/ounce, the first pressure level above is 1940 US dollars/ounce, and the second pressure level above is 2000 US dollars/ounce

v. today, there are no important data and events

VI. direction suggestions



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