The hottest Swiss packaging enterprise landed in C

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Swiss packaging enterprises landed in China

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core tip: it is reported that Perle also does not know its development direction, and the new factory of N Packaging Company Wujiang is expected to produce the first batch of products in 2016

[China Packaging News] it is reported that the new Wujiang plant of perlen packaging company is expected to produce the first batch of products in 2016

CEO Wolfgang Grimm said that the pharmaceutical packaging market in Asia has maintained double-digit growth. As the first foreign enterprise to establish a pharmaceutical packaging production base in China, perlen hopes to better meet the needs of the local market

it is reported that the company is still expanding its production in Europe and deeply believes that the cost of base polyurethane insulation materials is not advantageous. The total investment for this global expansion is CHF 20million. The company has production bases in Switzerland, Germany and the United States. In 2014, the sales volume reached 120million Swiss francs, with 307 employees worldwide

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