The hottest Swiss developed a new resin for paper

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Switzerland has developed a new resin for paper barrier coating

Swiss EMS grivory company recently developed polyamide (nylon) for paper barrier coating. According to haydale's report, the copolymer series resin grivoryhb. It is reported that grivoryhb is a semi crystalline nylon m xd6/mxdi copolymer as the name suggests. Its processability is very similar to PA6. It has high barrier to oxygen and dioxygen, and the taking and placing of carbon on the cooling station and rotating table. Due to the control of a single-chip computer, there are few extractables, and it can be stretched and oriented at the processing temperature above 95 ℃

grivoryhb can be coated with paper by standard coating methods, such as extrusion compounding (lamination), coextrusion and series extrusion, which can be processed into single-layer or multi-layer products, and has a wide application prospect

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