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Swiss Sica company acquires dritac, an American manufacturer of floor adhesive business. Swiss Sica company acquires dritac, an American manufacturer of floor adhesive business. April 1, 2021

Swiss Sica company recently announced the acquisition of dritac, a domestic manufacturer of floor adhesive business with uniaxial tensile relaxation strength of ribbed steel bars and other metal wires. The company has strong strength to establish a green benchmark enterprise in the field of vehicle materials in the field of wood floor splicing business. This acquisition will help Sika company develop its business in the field of market management and distribution of "floor construction", and enhance Sika's strength in the U.S. Interior decoration market

dritac's products mainly include polyurethane, modified silicone and related hydration technologies, which are highly complementary to Sika's existing products, and are conducive to the improvement of Sika's flooring solution. Wsw-c300 microcomputer controlled relaxation tester is upgraded in the design process

Christoph Ganz, the Americas manager of Sika company, said, "through this acquisition, Sika company has achieved a leading position in the U.S. flooring adhesive market, especially the wood flooring market, so that the interior decoration business continues to expand, and has become an important driving force for the development of Sika. Moreover, we will provide all technical services for the U.S. market and work together with new colleagues."

Sika company is a professional chemical company. Its products mainly include adhesives, sealants, damping materials and reinforcing materials. Guangfa is applied to the protection of construction, automobile and other fields. In many countries and regions around the world, there are more than 300 factories with 25000 employees, and the sales volume in 2020 is about 7.88 billion Swiss francs

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