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Meida of Switzerland signed a procurement cooperation agreement with Jiangsu post and Telecommunications printing factory

Photo Book Technology signed a procurement cooperation agreement with Jiangsu post and Telecommunications printing factory of China on the complete set of photo book equipment

photo book technology from Europe focuses on the research and development of one to 1000 industrial book binding and manufacturing equipment to ensure the high quality and efficiency of the automatic production of photo album and card book. Three people in 30 square meters and one set of equipment establish three aspects of butterfly binding and hardcover molding process and material formula to solve the book binding design and production center, so as to help you fully enter children's card books, high-end building books, photo books Hardcover books such as high-end product promotion manuals

Jiangsu post and Telecommunications printing factory is an industrial enterprise directly under Jiangsu post company and a designated printing backbone enterprise of China Post Group. The enterprise has advanced digital printing technology and process management system, as well as advanced pre press, printing, post press and other equipment that are convenient to open and close at home and abroad. However, at the current stage, it obviously still faces many challenges, more than 80 sets. It is mainly engaged in the printing of all kinds of high-end product samples, postage tickets (including postage films, seals and tickets), express envelopes, postal slips, postal packaging boxes, multi-color carbon free pressure sensitive documents, standard envelopes, windowed and film-bound envelopes, bar codes, spray code stickers and other anti-counterfeiting products

Jinglun quanxun Technology Co., Ltd. is the only designated distributor of Photo Book Technology in China. Through this cooperation, Jinglun quanxun, as a professional printing equipment supplier and service provider in China, has provided a package of 7 experimental machines, 1 cutting parts and accessories, and a comprehensive digital printing solution that should be primed and painted around the printed matter

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