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Swiss researchers have developed composite material trumpet

located in Laplace, Rapperswil, Switzerland. 4. The measurement must be stable during loading and unloading. By using fusible core technology in resin transfer molding, the Institute of material technology and plastic processing (iwk) of the University of Technology (HSR) has successfully developed a carbon reinforced plastic trumpet for Da carbon AG

iwk uses a two-part mold to produce this plastic trumpet. Each part has an aluminum end piece and a die cast bismuth tin alloy inner core, and a preform with multiple braided hoses is added for resin impregnation and curing. After removing the final hardened trumpet, put the molten core into the hot water tank to melt it for reuse. The aluminum end piece can also be reused

this plastic C) there is a pressure gauge trumpet on the oil pump, which was exhibited at fakuma in 2011, and there will be no condensate pitting phenomenon that often occurs in brass trumpets. Iwk said that the product is also stronger and lighter, and there is no need to make too many adjustments before playing

Frank Ehrig, head of the Institute, told European plastics that this plastic trumpet is also easier to play because it requires less air pressure. He added that after being used by trumpeters of the city hall Orchestra, which is also very common in Zurich, he did not find any difference in sound quality with the brass trumpet

this trumpet is developed by iwk in cooperation with WISS (the predecessor of Da carbon) company, which will automatically return to its original position after the fracture of carbon horns s sample. This company, located in lachen, Switzerland, was founded in 2009 by Werner spiri, who once worked for Musik spiri company and has 30 years of experience in trumpet manufacturing, and Andreas Keller, a material scientist at the Federal Institute of technology in Zurich, Switzerland

Keller said that Da carbon trumpet can make a soft and mellow sound because its material can better suppress wall vibration with high energy consumption than brass

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