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When purchasing paint, you can't just look at n-in-1, want to decorate and be careful to be cheated by paint.

when purchasing paint, you can't just look at n-in-1, want to decorate and be careful to be cheated by paint.

June 17, 2010

[China paint information] as the "coat" of home, it is particularly important and urgent to choose a paint product with appropriate functions and good effects, rather than being led by the nose by the publicity of the business, and unlock the hidden secrets under the "coat"

it is not wise to only look at "N-in-One" in the function article.

anyone who has bought paint in the building materials market will often be confused by the so-called "three in one", "five in one" and "full effect in one". According to the survey, 90% of the manufacturers and businesses in the market sell "N-in-One" coating products. In fact, the "n-in-1" with numerous names is not only a matter for ordinary consumers, but also for professionals who have been engaged in paint sales for many years. It is not easy to understand the subtle differences in the force values of raw products with high-precision and perfect detection

according to insiders, "N-in-One" is mostly interior wall paint, which, as the name suggests, integrates several functions into one product. For example, three in one means that the product has three functions, and so on. Five in one means five functions, ten in one means ten functions, and full effect in one means all functions of emulsion paint. It is understood that when the original emulsion paint was marketed, consumers knew little about it due to product attributes. Before, although some merchants had given the names of "luxury", "top grade" and "noble", it was difficult for consumers to accept the inaccurate demands of product functions and the promotion was very difficult

"in fact, no matter how many in one, it is just a few performance indicators. It is not as magical as some businesses boast." Experts told that in the national standard gb/t, three essential functions of latex paint were specified, namely, scrub resistance, alkali resistance and coverage. "As long as the paint products meet the national standards, they can basically meet the needs of ordinary families." He said that the so-called "super elasticity, waterproof and breathable, anti pollution, clean taste, excellent leveling and fast drying" are only derived ancillary functions or construction performance. For the former, many multi-functional coatings only highlight the scrubbing resistance function, while the alkali resistance and coverage function are rarely involved, and their auxiliary functions dominate; For the latter, unlike the popular DIY in the United States, the vast majority of owners in China will choose professional construction personnel for construction, so the construction performance is secondary to the owners. "N in one", to put it more plainly, its marketing significance is far greater than the distinction between product performance

alternative choice: Wall clothes create breathing walls

do you want to "paint" on the wall easily? Do you want the wall to show a special effect of uneven? Wall coat is a very new term. It is neither a kind of paint nor a kind of wallpaper, but a brand-new DIY indoor wall decoration material popular in North America and Europe. This wood fiber relief wall coat between paint and wallpaper can not only make up for wall cracks, but also present the unique patterns and effects of wallpaper. You can wear beautiful fashion for the indoor wall at will

colored wood fiber Chenxi, general manager of the company, said that the embossed wall clothing is an interior wall decoration material prepared with all natural wood fiber, cotton staple fiber and polyester fiber as the main raw materials. It has completely changed whether the construction pressure of wallpaper and latex paint is too high or too low, and the visual effect. It has created an all natural living and working space for people, It also provides a unique and fashionable decoration concept and visual effect

special paint for space may not be the best choice

in many businesses, product attributes are regarded as product functions. In order to highlight the selling point of "N-in-One" or "full effect", and make consumers think they can spend less money to buy better products, many coating enterprises have also begun to focus on the "specialization" of home space, from the exterior wall to the balcony, from the kitchen to the bathroom, and from the bedroom to the living room, Its open tentacles began to reach every corner of life

in the current market, many products have emerged, such as "special paint for kitchen and bathroom", "special paint for balcony", "special paint for exterior wall", "dark paint", "art paint", "clean flavor soft light paint" and "special paint for children and pregnant women". For many consumers, on the one hand, they may think that these enterprises have strong strength and professional technology; On the other hand, I also think it is convenient to use. I am willing to pay more for special paint. But do these products really have special effects? Or is it necessary to be particular

"these products under the banner of special paint are essentially not much different from the general standard coating, and have developed a unique process technology from multi-stage grinding and pre preparation to polymerization and utilization of graphene." Experts tell us that architectural decoration coatings mainly include three kinds: exterior wall paint, interior wall paint and wood paint. Because of the great difference between indoor and outdoor environment, the performance requirements of coatings are significantly different. "In addition to the differences in environmental protection indicators, the requirements for anti-aging, acid and alkali resistance are also different." In fact, for example, the "special paint for children and pregnant women" only adds some aromatics and nano materials. How many negative ions can it produce? The effect of these negative ions on the human body is not only not based on standards, but also difficult to measure objectively. It is basically up to the enterprise the final say

in fact, there is no obvious difference in paint performance among kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom. According to reports, from the perspective of usability, ceramic tiles will obviously have more advantages in anti pollution and cleaning than the so-called "kitchen and bathroom special paint". The "kitchen and bathroom special paint" is only suitable for those who pursue individuality, pay attention to style and cook less at home. In fact, many medium and high-grade coating products are not inferior to special paint in terms of scrub resistance and moisture resistance. Zhujiangming also said that in order to have high gloss and good moisture resistance, it only needs a higher resin content in the paint; The so-called "dark paint" can be achieved by adding various color pastes to the white emulsion paint in proportion and mixing them evenly manually or mechanically

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