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Chongqing: people who paint black on sidewalks question why they lose color when it rains

Chongqing: people who paint black on sidewalks question why it loses color when it rains

September 20, 2011

[China paint information] a rain the day before yesterday finally made the citizens in the main urban area feel the autumn after a hot summer. Residents of Yanghe West Road in Jiangbei District woke up yesterday morning and found that the sidewalk at the gate had faded after the rain

"at weekends, workers spray black liquid on the ground. The whole street is dyed black. It's really beautiful!" Some citizens questioned whether spraying some ink on it was a face project

according to the investigation of Chongqing Morning Post, not only the West Yanghe Road, but also the roads of the second Yanghe village were artificially blackened. But it wasn't ink on the ground

citizens questioned that "ink" was sprayed on the sidewalk.

yesterday morning, Mr. Sun, who lives in Jindi Garden community, Jiangbei District, went out to work very early. When passing the nearby Yanghe West Road, he found that the sidewalks on both sides of the road were discolored. Mr. Sun said that the sidewalks here are permeable bricks that have just been replaced this year

last Saturday, when Mr. Sun passed here, the intersection was closed. "There are dozens of workers, carrying spray equipment similar to those used to fight pesticides on their backs, spraying black liquid on the sidewalk." Mr. Sun said that the black liquid did not look like paint, "not sticky, but a bit pungent."

Mr. Sun stepped on the sidewalk sprayed with this liquid, "I looked up and saw that the soles of my shoes were black." Therefore, he asked the workers under construction, but the other party ignored the position of the fixed slider

when he came home in the evening, Mr. Sun found that the whole street had turned black. "It's really beautiful."

but yesterday morning, after the rain washed, Mr. Sun found that some sidewalks and pavements had recovered their true colors. "The water on the ground is black." Mr. Sun was very angry. "Even if you are ready for the inspection, you shouldn't spray ink. It's just fooling people."


you can wipe it off with a paper towel

yesterday morning, the Chongqing Morning Post found that a notice was standing at the intersection of Yanghe middle road and Yanghe West Road: the project Department of Yanghe second village environmental comprehensive improvement project needs to spread oil on the pavement of Yanghe second road from September 4 to September 21, 2011. Please do not stop here and detour. Signed by Changshou construction and installation Co., Ltd. on September 14

many cleaners are cleaning the site, and some workers are scouring the road with water pipes. Even the leaves in the cracks of the sidewalk tiles were taken out with clamps. However, it is impossible to use jigs to solve the testing of various materials. The other workers squatted on the ground with small black plastic buckets to carefully observe the road conditions. Once there was any uneven or discolored place, they dipped the black liquid in the buckets with a brush and brushed it on the road

for the whole Yanghe West Road, except that the strip sewer cover and curb on the roadside are gray cement, the asphalt pavement and sidewalk are almost black. Coupled with the white lane, it really looks good

Ms. Wu from a small clinic nearby said, "I don't know what it is. It's dark and stinks." The owner of a nearby restaurant then said, "it's painted. Make the road more beautiful."

it was seen at the scene that there was some discoloration on the sidewalk. The most serious discoloration was the manhole cover on the sidewalk, which had been washed by rain, revealing its original gray white. Try it. You can wipe off the black paint with a paper towel

response from all parties

I don't know what the spray is.

yesterday, Chen xiaodaren, who is in charge of this matter in Guanyinqiao street, said that this is a conventional environmental remediation. The black liquid sprayed on the sidewalk is certainly not ink, but a new type of material, but he doesn't know the name of this material. Director Chen said that he just didn't expect it would rain and was washed down before it was completely dry. At the same time, director Chen warned that if pedestrians step on the liquid before it is dry, they will certainly blacken the sole of their shoes and damage the brushed road surface. Director Chen said that today (the 20th) is about to welcome the inspection

contacted the municipal garden Bureau of Jiangbei District. A person in charge said that spraying black liquid on the sidewalk is a common construction method. Especially the permeable bricks on the sidewalk will change the color of the bricks after spraying. However, the person in charge did not know the name of the liquid. The person in charge said that it could be painted again after the weather cleared up

manager Li, the project manager of Changshou construction and installation Co., Ltd., who is responsible for the construction of this section, told yesterday that they were indeed responsible for the asphalt pavement paving of Yanghe Second Road (Yanghe West Road), but in the later stage, they will need the publicity and support of the government, plastic Association and other relevant departments. Painting on the sidewalk is not within their scope of responsibility, but the paint that the street contacted the relevant units to paint, and he does not know what it is

what paint is sprayed on the sidewalk? When the deadline was 6 o'clock last night, no one gave a clear answer

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