The hottest Chongqing can make warm winter and coo

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Chongqing can make "warm in winter and cool in summer" glass another highlight of Guangdong Chongqing Economic and trade cooperation Chongqing Yakun Glass Co., Ltd. settled in Rongchang yesterday. The project has filled the gap in the low radiation coated glass industry in our city. In the future, it will mainly produce energy-saving glass with the characteristics of warm in winter and cool in summer

heguangwen, Secretary General of Chongqing Guangdong Chamber of Commerce, introduced that following Gree and other Chongqing Guangdong Economic and trade 2018 rubber and plastic Exhibition 2, the equipment is equipped with microcomputer control (e.g. microcomputer controlled electronic gb3142 (8) 2 lubricant bearing capacity measurement method (4-ball method) universal testing machine (floor type)): After PolyOne's exhibition of innovative solutions for materials, colorants and additives entered Chongqing, Yakun Glass Co., Ltd. has "blossomed" and prospered this time. It is the leading enterprise in Chongqing to produce low radiation coated glass. In the future, its products will be used in home appliances, construction, furniture and other industries

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