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Chongqing steel wire rope, Chongqing farsheng steel wire rope

Chongqing farsheng Materials Co., Ltd. (general agent of farsheng steel wire rope)

Chongqing farsheng Materials Co., Ltd. is the Chongqing Office of Jiangsu farsheng Co., Ltd. It is a professional steel wire rope sales company with the largest scale, the largest inventory and the most complete specifications in Chongqing, of which star products are unique products. It has an indoor warehouse of more than 1100 square meters, a freight yard of more than 4000 square meters, a stock of more than 100 varieties of steel wire rope, and an inventory of more than 500 tons. The company has long supported several major companies in Chongqing, and subsidiaries of mining group and construction engineering group. Automobile and motorcycle supporting enterprises. The company has become a long-term strategic partner with a number of large and medium-sized enterprises in Chongqing. The company is famous for its reliable quality, timely delivery and comprehensive service. The key to the sales area of Chongqing and Chongqing is to promote and use the surrounding areas

Farson group is a diversified production and operation enterprise mainly engaged in metal products, including optical communication, new materials, modern service industry, etc. The enterprise has experienced three times of entrepreneurship from hemp rope, steel rope, light rope and then to export-oriented high-tech enterprises, and has walked out of a healthy development road of "people-oriented, building a factory with science and technology, winning with quality and realistic management"

in 2008, the company achieved an operating revenue of 15.2 billion yuan, sales revenue of 13.8 billion yuan, profit and tax of 1.47 billion yuan, and export earnings of 380million US dollars. Since 1990, the comprehensive strength of the company has ranked first among its peers in China for 19 consecutive years. In july2008, the company was listed as one of the first batch of 91 national innovative enterprises in China and the only one in southern Jiangsu by the Ministry of science and technology, the SASAC of the State Council and the all China Federation of trade unions

2. Main technical parameters of Jinan Shijin steel pipe scaffold special experimental machine the company adheres to people-oriented and builds a talent highland. It has gathered and created a scientific and technological team with complete categories, professional supporting, pioneering and innovative consciousness, dedication and high ideological and moral quality, accounting for 27% of the total number of employees, including 12 doctors and 53 masters, It has become the backbone of scientific and technological progress and innovative development of enterprises and the pillar of Chongqing

Company Name: Chongqing farsheng Materials Co., Ltd. (general agent of farsheng steel wire rope)




contact person: Wang Gaobing

address: No. 978, Yucheng street and Nanhua street, Yuzhou trading city, Shiqiaopu, Chongqing

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