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Li Jilong, a famous general in the Northern Song Dynasty, was born in 950 A.D. and died in 1005 A.D. at the age of 56. Born in the Jiangmen family, Li Jilong is the eldest son of Li chuyun, the famous founder of the Northern Song Dynasty. Therefore, he has cultivated high military literacy from childhood. What is rare is that Li Jilong, in addition to his excellent riding and shooting skills, is also familiar with melody, can treat Confucianism with courtesy, modest and prudent, and resourceful. According to historical records, Li Jilong liked to read the biography of Zuo clan in the spring and Autumn period, and he should also be good at military strategy

Li Jilong used his father's shadow to pay tribute to officials, and later joined the army to pacify the battles of houshu, Changsha, and the later Tang Dynasty, which was praised by Emperor Taizong of Song Dynasty. Song Jun also performed well in two wars with Liao Jun in Youzhou. Later, party leader Li Jiqian opposed the Song Dynasty, and Li Jilong led his troops and Tian renlang and others to defeat him. In the third year of Yongxi's reign, Yu Hou, the capital of Ma Jun, the bodyguard, was deployed for Cangzhou. In the fourth year of Chunhua's reign, he was deployed as the battalion capital of the West Bank of the river. In the early years of Daoism, Ren Ling and Huanshi prefectures were deployed. After song Zhenzong succeeded to the throne, he was relieved of his military power by adding peace and order under the Zhongshu sect. After his death, he presented Zhongshu decree with the posthumous title of Zhongwu

Li Jilong is a person who can stand loneliness. No matter as a general or a man with great dedication, he can't be willing to be indifferent. What's more, Li Jilong is not incompetent. He has the ability to obtain higher fame and wealth by virtue of his own ability




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