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Italian neoclassicism originated in Naples. Let's appreciate the integration of creativity and aesthetics of Italian neoclassicism brand crane Milano. Italian neoclassicism originated in Naples, but soon Piedmont and Venice became the most important furniture centers in Italy. Let's appreciate the Italian neoclassical furniture brand clan Milano, the integration of creativity and aesthetics. Clan Milano is at home in Italy (

Italian neoclassical furniture mainly follows the French Louis XVI style, and is also influenced by British neoclassical furniture. Italian neoclassical furniture brand clan Milano brand concept

in terms of physics and metaphor, clan Milano describes the perfect integration of uniqueness and aesthetics. Pay attention to excellent design methods, complete products and projects with a conventional attitude, and highlight the characteristics of brand creativity

clan Milano's handmade

alessandro La Spada's strong and passionate design concept and figli di Isacco agostoni's woodworking professional technology are mutually integrated, which promoted the birth of clan Milano

the close connection with local handicrafts and cultural traditions constitutes the professional knowledge and technology of the enterprise, adds value to the series of products, and attracts the attention of customers. With ability and creativity, dedication and the unique style of designers have been combined for a long time to make products suitable for various environments

clanmilano's tailor-made

with exquisite technology and creative professional handicrafts, the company's advantage over the past few centuries is that it has gradually shown innovative customization functions. Through the design and production of products that can meet almost all requirements, it provides customers with a real sensory experience

nowadays, products or series combinations with precious and unconventional souls are inspired by the unique story of Alessandro La Spada, forming a new series of products of clan Milano. The company aims to meet the needs of each customer and provide them with exclusive customized solutions to solve the specific problems of residential, public places, hotels, exhibition halls and other projects

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