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As the post-80s and post-90s have become the main force of social consumption, the consumption of furniture by this young group has gradually transitioned from finished furniture, customized furniture to whole house customized consumption. For such market changes, a number of customized brands like Deville house have targeted this trend, integrated their resources, and sought a broader and more potential future market. So, what are the advantages of choosing the whole house custom furniture franchise agent

the domestic integrated wardrobe is still in the stage of rapid development. According to relevant statistics, the overseas integrated wardrobe has become the mainstream of the furniture industry, which is caused by the cultural differences between China and the West. However, China is gradually in line with international standards, and all walks of life will tend to be international style. Of course, the integrated wardrobe is no exception. The whole house customization belongs to the extension module of the overall wardrobe, and the market potential behind it is quite large, and there is still a large gap in consumer demand

according to the classification of consumption level and level, the brands of each industry can be divided into three grades: high, medium and low. The whole house customization industry can also be planned according to this. Brands such as de Ville whole house customization are specifically located in the medium and high-end markets. For 11 years, they have adhered to personalized original customized furniture services, successively introduced world-class modern production equipment from Germany, Italy and other places, and created high-quality furniture products, always leading the industry. Today, Deville has more than 600 franchised stores across the country, providing whole house customized services for tens of millions of families

the whole house customization market is developing rapidly, and many brands in the fields of cabinets, sanitary ware and so on have begun to intervene. Deville is more competitive in the franchise agent of the whole house customized furniture, uses the Internet to build its own new platform, extends its tentacles to a broader and deeper terminal market, and brings a multi-channel traffic model and a new profit model to the terminal stores. The newly built one-stop e-commerce service platform of Deville whole house customization has attracted the attention and expectation of the industry. Therefore, as a high-end brand or a new brand, the competition of whole house customization is extremely fierce. Many friends of venture capital have taken a fancy to the blue ocean of whole house customization, and choosing the franchise agent of whole house customized furniture has also become a new choice for many franchisees

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