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With the development of social economy, there are more and more large and small enterprises, and office furniture has also developed. When it comes to office furniture, we have more or less contact. What are the office furniture factories? Let's briefly talk about the content of Kunming office furniture

What does Kunming office furniture factory have? 1. Meiyi office furniture factory mainly focuses on the design, supply and maintenance of office furniture. The brand has innovative design and management, and combines high-quality products with professional services to create a perfect and comfortable office environment for consumers wholeheartedly

2. Lin Kai

Lin Kai is now one of the famous Kunming office furniture factories, which specializes in the production and sale of various medium and high-end furniture. The brand furniture factory also has first-class professionals, gives full play to the maximum ability of talents, and has established a high brand reputation in the increasingly fierce furniture market

3. Dinghao

Kunming Dinghao office furniture factory mainly produces all kinds of office furniture, such as large class desks, office desks, conference tables, office partitions, file cabinets and so on. Since its establishment, the brand has always insisted on quality, introduced foreign advanced production equipment and technology, and created various office furniture

4. Mingsen

Mingsen office furniture factory was established in 13 years. Since its establishment, the brand has been based on “ Wonderful life takes off ” As a development concept. Through continuous challenges, improvement and innovation to achieve a higher level of pursuit, in order to meet people's demand for a new generation of office furniture

introduction to the list of office furniture

1. Introduction to the big desk

: the big desk is also called the boss desk. It is a common large-size desk in office furniture, which is generally used by leaders. The length of the large shift desk is generally 1800mm, which is widely used in the company's senior management office

2. Office chair

introduction: office chair is a very important part of office furniture. The height and hardness of office chair design must be moderate. Moreover, the radian of the chair back should be well designed and easy to adjust, so as to adapt to the use of people with different heights and body shapes

3. Conference table

introduction: conference table is an office table used for meetings, which is generally divided into two types: Ordinary small conference table and large conference table, with steel frame structure and plate structure

4. File cabinet

introduction: file cabinet is also an important part of office furniture. There are generally three types of file cabinet: sliding door type, open type and open type. Different file cabinets are equipped according to the needs of different offices. The style of filing cabinets is mainly simple, and the materials include solid wood and metal products. Solid wood filing cabinets are high-grade and environmental friendly, and metal filing cabinets are more expensive. It depends on which one you like

I believe you all understand the Kunming office furniture factory and the list of office furniture! There are many brand office furniture factories in Kunming. These are worth considering





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