The hottest sensor market will exceed 120billion y

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The sensor market will exceed 120billion yuan in 2015

according to statistics, the overall market scale of China's IOT will reach 750billion yuan by 2015. As the lowest and most basic link of the IOT "pyramid", the sensor industry will benefit directly from it

according to statistics, the overall market scale of China's IOT will reach 750billion yuan by 2015. As the lowest and most basic link of the IOT pyramid, the sensor industry will benefit directly for reference only

in recent years, the domestic sensor market has been growing at a rate of more than 10%. In 2010, the sales of sensors in China reached 90.5 billion yuan. It is predicted that China's sensor market will develop steadily and rapidly in the next five years. Driven by the substantial growth of IOT market scale, China's sensor market scale is expected to reach more than 120billion yuan in 2015

the development of IOT is inseparable from the development of sensor technology, but at present, there are still many challenges in the development of sensor industrialization. It is reported that China has more than 1700 enterprises engaged in the production and research and development of sensors, with an annual output of more than 2.4 billion sensors, and sensor products reaching 10 categories, 42 sub categories and more than 6000 varieties, showing a good development trend. However, among these enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises have obvious advantages, with the proportion of foreign-funded enterprises reaching 67%, especially in Japan, the United States, South Korea and Germany, and the proportion of state-owned enterprises and national enterprises is only 3 ldquo; At present, the global gap of high-performance copper alloy functional new materials is more than 4 million tons, 3%. The comprehensive strength of domestic and foreign enterprises is widely different, with small scale, talent shortage and weak R & D ability, which makes it difficult to compete with foreign enterprises

more importantly, in terms of technology, domestic sensor technology is weak. First, the core technology 11. Automatic printing: after the experiment, the test results can be automatically printed; And lack of basic capabilities, the core chips are heavily dependent on foreign imports, and domestic enterprises have a significant gap with foreign enterprises in the high-end aspects of high-precision, high sensitivity analysis, component analysis and special applications. Second, in terms of design, reliability and packaging, there is a lack of unified standards and independent intellectual property rights, and breakthrough progress and industrial verification have not been made in the technologies of interface, deep etching, high temperature ohmic contact, highly reliable MEMS packaging, rapid testing, high simulation and so on; Third, the products are not comprehensive in terms of variety, specification, series, etc., and there are still many differences in technical indicators such as measurement accuracy, temperature characteristics, response time, stability, reliability, etc., because they can avoid the shortcomings of spraying and electroplating process, Chinese sensor enterprises have a long way to go

according to the latest news, the national development and Reform Commission will invest 600million yuan this year to support the research and development of IOT core technology products, application demonstration projects and the construction of public service platforms. In the future, the central finance will further improve the financial system supporting the development of IOT, strengthen the coordination and cooperation with industrial policies and science and technology policies, and actively attract social capital to increase investment in IOT. With the guidance and financial support of the government, the industrial environment of domestic enterprises will be more clear, and the domestic sensor market will also develop with sustained and stable growth

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