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The Chinese sensor market is expected to expand its market share in 2014

the Chinese sensor market has continued to grow in recent years, with a growth rate of more than 15%. The next five years will be five years of steady and rapid development of China's sensor market. Under the annual growth momentum of more than 30 years, the scale of China's sensor market is expected to reach more than 120billion yuan in 2014

according to China's 12th Five Year Plan for electronic components, an investment of 500 billion yuan will be invested during the 12th Five Year Plan period, mainly in the research and development and industrialization of new electronic components. The plan clearly lists the key products and technologies to be developed in the next five years, including new chip, miniaturized, integrated and highly reliable electronic component products that meet the development needs of the new generation of electronic machines; High quality and key electronic components that meet the supporting needs of China's new transportation equipment manufacturing industry; Electronic components supporting energy-saving and environmental protection equipment and environmental protection electronic components; In order to use fast adhesive or hot melt adhesive and other adhesives with the same effect to bond the round surface of the card head and the sample to an electronic component supporting a new generation of communication technology; Electronic components supporting the new energy and smart electricity industry; New electronic component materials and equipment

market institutions in the industry pointed out that at present, from the perspective of the whole gas sensor field, although the technology is stable, the threshold is very low. The future direction can only be advanced. The development of IOT will greatly promote the development of the sensor field. It will have great applications in energy, intelligent sensing, safely opening the oil return valve to increase investment attraction. The speed must be slow. Full monitoring, environmental protection and other fields. 3 Oscillation angle: ± 0.5 °, ± 1.0 °, ± 3.0 °. It is estimated that by 2020, the whole industrial scale will reach more than 60billion yuan, and the localization rate will reach more than 70%

including sensors based on MEMS technology, gas sensors for environmental monitoring equipment, flow sensors, humidity sensors, etc. In addition, the 12th Five Year Plan of IOT also mentioned the development of micro and intelligent sensors, wireless sensor networks, etc. in key projects

sensors also have new applications in other fields, such as industrial control, environmental protection, facility agriculture, multimedia image and other related sensor applications. Looking back on China's sensor industry, although it has developed rapidly, there are also some adverse factors. For example, in terms of product technology, the industrial foundation is weak, science and technology are divorced from production, the level of product technology is low, the product category is lack, and the enterprise's product research and development ability is weak. However, on the other hand, the country continues to formulate strategies and policies conducive to the development of the sensor industry, the rapid development of the whole machine system market throughout the year, and the continuous promotion of emerging technologies have also become favorable factors for the development of sensing

in the international market, enterprises from Germany, Japan, the United States, Russia and other old industrial countries dominate the sensor market. Many manufacturers have achieved large-scale production, and some enterprises have an annual production capacity of tens of millions or even hundreds of millions. In contrast, the application scope of sensors in China is relatively narrow, and more applications still remain in basic application fields such as industrial measurement and control. Depending on this, the competition in China's sensor market is very fierce

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