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Sensor "senses Expo"

[Guide: Shanghai World Expo is a grand event attracting worldwide attention. Informatization, as one of the biggest highlights of this Expo, has created the first time in the history of countless Expos. For the first time, intelligent passenger flow guidance system is used to provide all participants with their own services. For the first time, tickets, electronic fences, electronic noses, etc. with independent intellectual property rights are used, which are inseparable from the transmission of information technology, one of the three pillars Sensor technology.]

security patrol robot

anti terrorism and explosive ordnance disposal robot

underwater robot

this WorldExpo is the most technologically advanced in the history of the WorldExpo. The exhibition venues of many countries take sensor technology as an important means to display science and technology at the WorldExpo. Therefore, the Shanghai WorldExpo can also be called the sensor WorldExpo

sensing technology has been widely used in environmental protection, transportation, science and technology exhibitions and other aspects of this WorldExpo. The application of various advanced sensors in the WorldExpo not only makes us realize the intelligence and convenience that high-tech brings to human life. At the same time, with the development of information technology, sensor technology is also facing higher demand, greater opportunities and challenges. The important position and role of sensor technology in information technology will become more prominent. Today, we can perceive the Expo, and tomorrow, we will also realize sensing the world and China. The great development of sensors and their technology is coming to us quickly

sensor technology supports robot security team

with the continuous maturity of mechatronics technology, robots have played a security role in some important venues and activities. In the 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo, robots play an important role in security work

underwater robots

the Shanghai WorldExpo has many water landscapes, and there are also many rivers and lakes near the Expo Park. In order to prevent criminals or terrorists from invading underwater, the Expo has installed several underwater robots in the waters. Equipped with underwater frogman police, they can carry out effective underwater investigation and play an important role in ensuring the safety of water areas during the operation of the WorldExpo

due to different working environments and tasks, underwater robots have different advanced electronic and underwater acoustic equipment, and a large number of sensors with similar functions are installed in the robot's control, navigation and positioning to have deep shadow lines and well-defined edges like the appearance of natural slate, as well as in the operating system. Such as position sensor, component force sensor (strain gauge), oil filled pressure balanced conductive rubber tactile sensor, tactile sensor and distance sensor

the underwater machine monitoring system used in Shanghai WorldExpo includes underwater robots, winches and cables, surface controllers, power boxes, near-field detection sonar, ultra short baseline positioning system, cameras, multi-functional robots and other parts. It can monitor suspicious objects suspended, sunk or attached to other objects underwater, and can be called an underwater security expert. If a suspicious object is found to be a poison bomb and other objects endangering public safety, the multi-functional manipulator will be sent out to safely eliminate these suspicious objects

security patrol robot

the security patrol robot used in the WorldExpo is transformed from a home monitoring robot. It has two small wheels and is powered by electricity. It can roam and patrol in the Expo venues. It can not only fetch and pour water for visitors like Expo volunteers, but also open and close doors and windows, remote control electrical appliances like staff, and monitor fires, smoke, crowd abnormalities, etc

the robot adopts a distributed control structure, including drive system, guard system, obstacle avoidance system, charging system, remote monitoring system and software system. It also adopts a wireless network design, which can be operated remotely. During the day, robots use voice systems and touch screens to serve as patrol attendants, and at night, they can be transferred to security personnel. In addition to completing obstacle avoidance, autonomous navigation and other tasks, it also provides a fire detection system, which uses the method of information fusion to detect fire, smoke and so on in time and accurately. It also has a microcomputer, camera and wireless transmitter, which can transmit the observed pictures to the security control center in real time, so that the security personnel can make a reasonable response in time

anti terrorism and explosive ordnance disposal robot

at present, explosive ordnance disposal machine people have widely appeared in all kinds of sites where explosives appear, and have effectively disposed of many explosives, ensuring the safety of life and property of the explosive ordnance disposal police and the people. The anti-terrorism explosive ordnance disposal robot serving in the Shanghai WorldExpo is a medium-sized special explosive ordnance disposal robot, which is responsible for dealing with all kinds of sudden explosive and dangerous events. The robot is small in size and light in weight, and has stronger adaptability than the large-scale explosive disposal robot. It can shuttle freely in the Complex World Expo venues. This robot has appeared in many domestic special police agencies and special forces, and has also guaranteed the safety of the Beijing Olympic Games

the anti-terrorism and explosive ordnance disposal robot at the Shanghai WorldExpo is an advanced remote-control robot, which can grasp explosives remotely by the police and dispose of suspected explosives. The bomb disposal robot can not only eliminate bombs, but also monitor the activities of criminals by using the reconnaissance sensors installed on it

since the working environment and working object of the explosive ordnance disposal robot are changing or even completely unknown, that is, the commonly referred to as unstructured environment, whether it can realistically perceive, recognize and model its environment is also the technical key that must be liberated in the development of the explosive ordnance disposal robot. The advanced multi-sensor and its leading product we dial hydraulic universal experimental machine information fusion technology is used to solve this problem. Explosive disposal robots usually integrate vision sensors (CCD cameras), force sensors, ultrasonic ranging sensors, infrared ranging sensors and laser ranging sensors. The sensitivity, reliability and specific application of each sensor are different

multi sensor information fusion technology is an advanced information processing technology that uses computer technology to automatically collect, correlate, analyze and synthesize the observation information of several sensors, as well as the information of database and knowledge base obtained according to time sequence under certain criteria. It can complete the information processing process of required estimation and decision-making tasks

and these patent technical barriers prevent Chinese manufacturers of ternary materials from entering major international manufacturers.

typical WSN network structure

wireless sensor networks are all over the park.

this WorldExpo crosses the Huangpu River and covers an area of 5.28 square kilometers. In order to ensure the convening and smooth operation of the Shanghai WorldExpo, we must ensure the safety of all aspects during the Expo, especially the safety of important infrastructure such as water, electricity, gas and transportation, and important places such as exhibition venues, as well as the necessary safety early warning, emergency treatment and post disaster recovery. As a new detection technology, wireless sensor network has the characteristics of rapid layout, self-organization and so on. It is competent for large-scale, multi signal distributed detection, and can play an important role in security measures such as security early warning, emergency treatment and disaster recovery

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