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Kunshan sensor industry will usher in the breaking chrysalisation of butterflies

Guide: Although enterprises in old industrial countries such as Germany, Japan, the United States, Russia and so on dominate the sensor market according to the formula, many manufacturers have achieved large-scale production, but the huge market provides a driving force for the development of domestic enterprises. Although China's sensor industry started late, some products have reached the international leading level, and the current situation of the industry may eventually change within this year

it is still in an important period of strategic opportunities for development

the original set of imported sensing equipment for measuring highway visibility will sell for nearly 300000, and the latest price is only about 80000. Vaisala, a Monopoly brand in Finland with this technology, has reduced its price! Hearing this news, liuzhilin, general manager of Kunshan Nanyue mintong optical fiber sensing technology research and development center, laughed. He may know that our new equipment has high cost performance and has an impact on them. Vaisala people have specially visited them for three times before

sensor is a strange and mysterious thing for many people, who don't realize that sensor is closely related to our life. There are more than 200 sensors in a car. There are many sensors in weather observation, aerospace, and even children's toys whose temperature is too low or too high. It is like a screw, inconspicuous but indispensable. Zhu Li, assistant director of Kunshan sensor industry base, said that at present, there are more than 50 enterprises in the base, and their products involve eight series and more than ten types, including infrared, photoelectric, hall and thermal sensors. Four national 863 Program projects and six national Torch Program projects have been implemented, achieving an annual output value of 1.5 billion yuan

according to the prediction of the Microelectronics Research Institute of China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, the sales volume of China's sensor market will reach 90.5 billion yuan this year, and the average sales growth rate of the domestic sensor market will reach 31% in the next five years. For the whole industry, the huge demand provides great opportunities

however, as the core link in the IOT industrial chain, the sensor industry is troubled by many factors, such as low added value, lagging behind in talent training, scattered and messy industries. Liu Zhilin said, especially talents. At present, there are no colleges and universities in China to set up sensor majors, and most talents come from studying automation and electromechanical integration. It is gratifying that many enterprises have begun to seek changes in talent introduction, marketing and other aspects

in the office building of Kunshan Nanyue mintong, Dr. Ruan Chi is one of the leaders of the project team who forced Vaisala to reduce the price, but here, he doesn't receive a penny of salary. Liu Zhilin made an account. In the past, enterprises spent 500000 annual salary to recruit people, and high-end talents may not be willing to come. Even if they did, the annual salary burden of three or five people was also a pressure on the company; Now we can sign an agreement with high-end talents and retain talents with the final benefit share, so as to achieve a win-win situation. There are many doctors here, and they are all motivated. This is the effect. Talking about the new way of recruiting, Liu Zhilin said with a smile

as an enterprise specializing in automotive electronic applications and radio sensor recognition applications, Kunshan Nuojin Sensor Technology Co., Ltd. hands over the market to R & D personnel. Shen Aiqun, the general manager, told that Nuojin's R & D personnel would take the initiative to send to the market to understand the first-hand situation, rather than sitting in the research room waiting for the information from the market feedback. Doing so will make the new products pay more attention to practicality, and even meet the needs of details, user characteristics and other needs, so as to improve the quality and sales of products. For example, for the pressure sensor used in automobile air conditioner, the R & D personnel have identified the market and created patented products to ensure sales. Now we are setting up a production line for mass production

in addition, in Nuojin's factory, we also saw two small two-story buildings that increased the comfort of passengers. In the building, various sensors were displayed in domestic and foreign areas. Each sensor was neatly placed in a glass cabinet, indicating the manufacturer, purpose, parameters and other information. Here is China's first sensor Expo trading platform. Shen Aiqun said that there are nearly 100 brands entering the platform, and the products almost include all kinds of sensors. Domestic manufacturers can not only contact the market from here, but also see and learn many new technologies of foreign brands from here. We also have corresponding platforms on. Now Nuojin's own product network sales account for 20% and the sales volume is about 10 million yuan

Zhang Xiaofei, director of China sensor industry research center, said that although enterprises from old industrial countries such as Germany, Japan, the United States and Russia dominate the sensor market, and many manufacturers have achieved large-scale production, the huge market has provided impetus for the development of domestic enterprises. Although China's sensor industry started late, some products have reached the international leading level, and the current situation of the industry may eventually change within this year

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