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Sensor based high-efficiency smart window appeared in Shenzhen

after years of development, China's new generation of building high-tech energy-saving products - Center high-efficiency smart window was launched in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, and caused a strong response at the 2007 China (Shanghai) international automatic test function door and window Expo. With its strong scientific research strength, Shenzhen Zhongfeng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully developed this high-efficiency smart window for many years. It has powerful intelligent and humanized functions. It has been widely recognized by consumers as soon as it is launched. At present, it has been put into use in some large-scale buildings in Guangdong, such as high-end villas and high-end residential areas

it is understood that the center efficient smart window has applied for 9 technical patents from the State Intellectual Property Office, of which 2 have been authorized by patents. It is a high-tech product with independent intellectual property rights. This product is composed of sensors, alarm terminals, remote sensors and mechanical transmission devices. It integrates modern sound, light, electromechanical and communication technologies, and integrates more than a dozen functions, such as fire intelligent smoke exhaust, gas leakage prevention, intelligent anti-theft, automatic weather protection, remote control, automatic window locking and automatic protection. It overcomes the problem of single control in the past, and fully realizes the automatic switch of multiple windows controlled by the intelligent center, It is a high-tech that combines intelligent control system, security system and building materials. This material is also used in the mobile rechargeable battery technology products of greenpack, a Berlin manufacturer

at present, this product has developed two product categories. One is the building type. Relying on the China Plastics Fair control system, which came into being in Taizhou plastics industry, it can connect with the fire protection system or monitoring room of the building through the interface cable reserved by the system, so that all information sets can be immediately fed back to the monitoring room of the building if there is a problem; The second is the home control system, which is connected with the home control terminal to form a powerful intelligent control center

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