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Editor's note: sensor is an indispensable and important component in industry, but the emergence of intelligent sensor is that people no longer meet the simple function of sensor to detect information, but hope that the sensor can analyze and optimize a large amount of information, filter out useless data, and transfer the most useful information to the upper actuator or controller

the rapid development of information and communication technology has a great impact on modern industry. In industry, more and more information processing and information exchange take place in the industrial scene. Information communication and information processing are no longer just between the control layer and the executive layer. Many systems have decentralized the processing of information to the executive layer

as an indispensable and important component in industry, the task of sensors is getting heavier and heavier. Intelligent sensors have been more and more popular among people for tensile testing machines, and this problem reappears

the emergence of intelligent sensors is that people no longer meet the simple function of sensors to detect information, but hope that sensors can analyze and optimize massive information, filter out useless data, and transfer the most useful information to upper actuators or controllers. This is the important background of the birth of intelligent sensors

the sensor tends to be intelligent. Another important point is that people have higher requirements for the sensor, not only for communication, but also for higher security, more real-time data collection and testing system. In the process of experiment, the friction force is transmitted to the pressure sensor through the lever, which is convenient for operability and stronger adaptability to harsh environment

the primary factor that determines whether the sensor is intelligent is its accuracy. At the same time, it should also have good reliability and stability. The sensor can carry out analysis and processing such as digital filtering, filter out useless data, and the resolution of specific parameter measurement in multi parameter state

the most important intelligent performance of sensors is the ability to manage themselves. The usual sign is that it has a standard digital bus interface, which can exchange and process the detected signals, and then communicate and transmit information with the upper computer through the field bus in the form of digital quantity

intelligent sensors should have certain judgment, analysis and information processing capabilities, and be able to adjust the data transmission between each part and the upper computer according to the working conditions of the whole system, so that the system can work in the optimal low-power state and the state of optimized transmission efficiency

at present, there are several ways to realize sensor intelligence. One is to combine ordinary sensors with microprocessors with digital bus interfaces and signal conditioning circuits to form an intelligent sensor system. This kind of non integrated intelligent sensor has developed rapidly under the promotion of the development situation of field bus control system. There is also an integrated intelligent sensor, which is composed of sensitive elements, signal conditioning circuits and microprocessor units integrated on a chip. In addition, some people adopt a semi integrated way to integrate these components into several chips to form smart sensors that are convenient for their own use. From the perspective of use, intelligent sensors are the most important to ensure the accuracy, stability and reliability of information communication

intelligent sensors represent the development direction of sensors, and also conform to the future development direction of sensors. In many industrial sites, because there are fewer and fewer occasions for a single sensor to be used independently, and more data exchange and sharing should be achieved between sensors, sensors and actuators, sensors and control systems, sensors are becoming more and more popular in manufacturing plants

Mr. LV Guoqiang used to work in Jiangsu Haimen Huanghai chemical plant and was quite impressed with the use of intelligent sensors. He said that the intelligent sensor greatly shortened the maintenance time of on-site workers, saved on-site setting time, and improved the use efficiency, which was greatly welcomed by on-site workers

Mr. LV Guoqiang said that many installation habits in the industrial field are to delegate the functions of intelligence and control to the field, so the sensors installed at each node of the bus network must be intelligent

with the rapid development of industrial level, more and more places need intelligent sensors. This also puts forward higher requirements for the intelligence of the sensor, such as whether it can improve stronger reliability and anti-interference ability? How to ensure that the on-site failure rate of the sensor is minimized? Can the software provided by the supplier be more powerful? Can the technical service ability of after-sales service engineers be further optimized? These are the issues that users are most concerned about. " However,

it is clear that today, when modern chemical plants are gradually moving towards intelligence, the trend of intelligent sensors has become more and more obvious

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