The hottest sensor is abnormal. CNR recalls 54 mul

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Abnormal sensor CNR recalled 54 multiple units

China's high-speed rail once attracted much attention as the fastest running high-speed rail in the world. Recently, a series of high-speed rail accidents have made high-speed rail pay a painful price after radical development. After careful consideration, the Ministry of railways made a difficult decision: high-speed rail, reduce speed and price. However, just a few days after the speed reduction and price reduction, he revealed in the report that on August 10, CNR announced that it would recall 54 crh380bl action trains produced by its subsidiary and have been put into operation. In the field of art, the reason is that the sensors in the multiple units are abnormal, resulting in automatic parking

recall of 54 EMUs

according to Zhao Minghua, deputy general manager of CNR Changsha passenger train and project manager of high-speed EMUs, the direct cause of the failure is that the insulation of the sensor is not enough to enter the oil cylinder, resulting in the burning of the shielding layer of the sensor that plays an anti-interference role according to the draft plan reviewed and approved by the European Union in October this year, and the sensor failure sends an error signal. Of course, such an accident will only lead to the automatic stop of the train, will not have any impact on the safety of the train, and will only delay the train journey

at present, there are two crh380bl multiple units used in Beijing Shanghai line in China that have this fault in succession. At present, CNR group is conducting a comprehensive survey of the delivered and undelivered crh380bl multiple units, and it is expected to resume normal delivery in about a month

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