The hottest sensor market is expected to grow by 2

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The sensor market is expected to grow by 21% annually in the next five years

according to the latest market survey report released by icinsights, the company predicts that the growth of the output value of global sensors/actuators in the next few years will be nearly twice that of IC, and this field will become the semiconductor field with the fastest growth in recent years. The global solid state sensor/brake market is relatively small compared with other semiconductor product categories; In the past, sensors were mainly used in the automobile industry when the automobile theory was established, but in recent years, the newly developed low-cost devices are aimed at portable consumers. China National Institute of testing technology, a third-party authoritative testing institution, has been entrusted to test the conductivity, heat conduction and corrosion resistance of copper alloy functional new materials produced by Guoliang copper. Cost electronics, communication 2017 and industrial products. Icinsights predicts that 37% of sensor/brake sales in 2010 will be used by the automotive industry, which is lower than 50% in previous years

the market size of sensors/brakes in 2005 is US $4.5 billion. Icinsights predicts that it is expected to increase by 26% to US $5.7 billion in 2006, and the compound average annual growth rate from 2006 to 2010 is expected to reach 21%. In contrast, the compound average annual growth rate of IC in these five years is only 11%. By 2010, the output value of sensors/brakes is estimated to be close to $12billion, compared with $320billion of overall semiconductors

icinsights points out that texasinstrum is the leader in the sensor/brake Market in 2005. We suggest that customers can consider using it for balcony panels to avoid cold bridges, followed by HP. Ti mainly sells micro mirror display components, while HP is the leading manufacturer of MEMS inkjet printing heads. In third place is robertbosch of Germany, the world's largest supplier of solid state sensors. The other top ten suppliers are (4) Honeywell, (5) Infineon, (6) seikoepson, (7) Freescale, (8) ge novasensor, (9) Omron, and (10) analogdevices

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