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The sensor market is exploding. Instrument and meter enterprises should not miss a good opportunity

sensors can help people in China's wood and plastic packaging industry 1. They have been actively seeking new prospects. They have gradually become a very important infrastructure in the digital society by turning unknowable and difficult to judge information into easily accessible and more accurate data. From consumer electronics to agriculture, from transportation to medical treatment, from energy to aerospace, from industry to urban management, sensors have been deeply integrated into human production and life

it is understood that on April 19, the first Israeli lunar probe Genesis failed to land on the moon as planned, and the fault was caused by a sensor. Preliminary investigations showed that a few minutes before landing on the lunar surface, an acceleration sensor in the probe failed, causing chain reactions such as the sudden shutdown of the main engine and the failure of the probe to brake in time to ensure a slow landing. The important role of sensors can be seen

at present, sensors are playing an increasingly important role in the development of intelligent agriculture, industrial automation, robots and intelligent household appliances in China. It is not only the key component of industrial automation intelligent equipment, but also the basis and source of industrial interconnection data collection, analysis and utilization, but also directly related to people's production and life

in order to improve China's sensor technology, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the three-year action guide for the smart sensor industry (year) in December 2017. It is proposed that by 2019, China's smart sensor industry will make significant breakthroughs, the industrial ecosystem will be relatively perfect, and a number of International advanced enterprises with strong innovation ability have emerged. The technological level will be steadily improved, the product structure will be continuously optimized, and the supply capacity will be effectively improved. This year is the last year of the action guide, which is of great importance

according to the preliminary calculation of the forward looking Industry Research Institute, the scale of China's sensor market will reach about 147.2 billion yuan in 2018. It is predicted that the scale of China's sensor market in 2019, such as ring stiffness, ring flexibility, tension, contraction, creep ratio, will reach 167.8 billion yuan. In the next five years (), the oil leakage of the compound oiling circuit system will generally occur in the buffer valve, oil return valve, oil delivery valve, oil pump and pipeline, and the connection rate is about 12.66%, It is predicted that the scale of China's sensor market will reach 270.3 billion yuan in 2023

in order to promote the development of China's sensor industry, the state has established a number of sensor research centers and key laboratories to promote the development of independent intellectual property rights in the industry on the basis of widely absorbing foreign advanced technology. Organize relevant enterprises, colleges and universities and scientific research institutes to jointly participate in research and development, jointly tackle key problems, occupy the technological highland, and improve the degree of independent intellectual property rights while improving the core competitiveness of enterprises

under the guidance of the market and the encouragement of the state, many enterprises have emerged in China to develop sensor business and seize the market. For example, relying on sensors, Hanwei technology has built an IOT platform solution of sensors + monitoring terminals + data collection + spatial information technology + cloud applications, which is widely used in the field of environmental protection and safety management industry; Zhongxing measurement and control production signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Mobile Shaanxi company, and the developed sensors have been successfully applied to the development of Shaanxi IOT and smart city

however, in the case of the booming development of type I or type II samples in the sensor industry, we should also pay attention to the problems existing in the development of the sensor industry. At the technical level, the sensor design technology includes a variety of disciplines, theories, materials and process knowledge, which is very difficult to break through. China has not broken through some common key technologies of sensors, and many core technologies need to be solved urgently; In terms of quality specifications, the development specifications of China's sensor industry have not yet been formed, and severe competition has led to poor product reliability, and the degree of industrialization is not proportional to the variety and series; In terms of enterprise scale, most sensor enterprises in China are small and micro enterprises, lacking leading enterprises led by technology, and resources cannot be effectively concentrated; In terms of talent training, China also faces problems such as the lack of high-end talents, and the lack of stamina for product research and development

in addition, it is worth noting that with the continuous development of technology, sensors are also becoming more intelligent, and intelligent sensors will become an important direction of sensor development in the future. With the increasing use of sensors, the future development prospects are immeasurable. Facing the fierce market competition, domestic sensor enterprises should face the challenges, strengthen research and development, and pay attention to quality in order to achieve rapid development

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