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Sensors made in Mianyang serve 40000 railway stations around the world

sensors made in Mianyang are escorting many high-speed rail lines. The picture shows EMUs parked in Wuhan EMU section

Weibo electronics employees test sensors

in the afternoon of March 8, Weibo electronics in Youxian District, Mianyang City has the R & D Department of (if different raw materials are used for mold trial and production, it is likely to get different results) Co., Ltd, Technician Zhang Yuguang is testing the company's latest electric isolation sensor

as a military to civilian enterprise controlled by China's ordnance equipment group, Zhang Yuguang's fist sized sensor has a lot of roots. Its technology was initially applied to military products, and in 1992, it applied to become the first patent for such products in China. Over the years, this sensor has been continuously innovated and widely used in high-speed rail, new energy vehicles, nuclear power plants and other projects, becoming the patron saint of its safe and stable operation

in the company's exhibition hall, Peng Zhenghong, a senior engineer of Weibo, told the little-known story behind the small sensor

40000 stations around the world have used

to become the "protector" of many high-speed trains.

the first floor exhibition hall of Weibo electronics is equipped with sensors of various models and different times. At present, more than 5 million sensors have been sold and have been used in nearly 40000 stations and various new trains around the world

as early as 1997, Weibo electronics began to provide railway communication signal acquisition and conversion module for railway microcomputer monitoring system. The use of electronic universal testing machine and the working principle of deformation measurement have been comprehensively upgraded according to the new requirements of the Ministry of Railways since 2011, and new sensors such as high-voltage asymmetry and external electricity monitoring have been added, which has obtained official certification

"by monitoring and feeding back the collected information to the command center and substation, we can know whether the power is enough for the train to operate and whether the power is normal." Peng Zheng's production capacity is 160000 tons per year. In particular, in the area of interval detection, the sensor can timely determine the current position of the train through signal collection, and can accurately rescue in case of an accident

at present, these sensing technology products, in addition to the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway, Xicheng Chengdu high-speed railway, Zhengzhou Xi'an high-speed railway and other high-speed railway projects in China, are also used in this set of sensing system by the "century Railway" Mombasa Nairobi railway, which adopts Chinese standards and connects Nairobi, the capital of Kenya in Africa, and Mombasa, the largest port in East Africa

in addition, this sensing technology has also successfully extended and developed nuclear radiation detection technology. Through the detection of radioactive contamination on the surface of personnel, tools, mobile vehicles, large containers, etc. in the monitoring area, the proliferation of various radioactive contamination can be prevented in time. At present, Daya Bay nuclear power station and Lingdong nuclear power station all use this equipment

technology R & D personnel account for 57%

high quality sensors are used in the field of automatic control

in 1989, Ruan Ciyuan, chief engineer of Weibo electronics and now retired general manager consultant, was also a researcher of Southwest Institute of automation. Through research with colleagues, he pioneered the invention of WB series electric quantity isolation sensors. In 1992, it applied to become the first patent for such products in China

the company was established in 2000, and later became a high-tech enterprise controlled by the Automation Research Institute of China Ordnance Equipment Group

in August 2015, Mianyang decided to build a demonstration area of military civilian integration development of China Science and Technology City in Youxian, breaking the calm inside and outside the gate. According to the plan, the demonstration area will make full use of the existing military resources to create a new engine for regional economic transformation and upgrading through military to civilian and civilian participation in the military

in that year, Weibo became a military civilian integration enterprise in Mianyang. With the deep development of military civilian integration, sensor products are also widely used in various automatic control fields such as power, telecommunications, railways and petroleum

at present, Weibo has gradually become the largest R & D and production base of power sensors in China. For Peng Zhenghong, the outstanding achievements are the result of the company's continuous investment in technology over the years. It is understood that over the years, the company has attached importance to R & D investment and the construction of independent innovation capacity. The annual R & D expenses account for more than 30% of the operating revenue, and there are 156 people engaged in technology R & D, accounting for 57% of the total number of employees

walk out of a path of comprehensive innovation

Mianyang military civilian integration development technology new highland

with the continuous innovation and breakthrough of technology, in the face of oil prices and increasingly severe pressure on energy conservation and emission reduction, new energy electric vehicles will become the main force of urban transportation development in the future. In this regard, Weibo is also relying on strong military technology, 25 years of technical accumulation and application experience of electric energy sensors, and taking "electromagnetic compatibility and engineering application" technology as the starting point, providing "high reliability and quality" solutions for AC power distribution and DC charging of electric vehicle industry chain, as well as motor drive, electric energy monitoring, power safety, electric energy measurement, etc. of electric vehicles

Peng Zhenghong told that the company paid close attention to the new energy vehicle market, opened up more than 10 charging pile customers such as Aoneng and dianlianyu, and successfully achieved product matching. "At present, our main task is to provide charging pile measurement for these enterprises. In short, it is to calculate and count how much the car is charged and how much it should charge."

the avenue in front of Weibo company is the main road from Youxian district to Mianyang City, and many military civilian integration technology enterprises are stationed on both sides of the avenue. The development of Weibo is also an epitome of the unrepeatable development of Mianyang's military civilian integration and tensile experiment in recent years

since it was included in the national pilot area for comprehensive innovation and reform, Mianyang has focused on the main direction of deep military civilian integration, and listed and operated the country's only national dual-use technology trading center. The centralized development zone of the science and technology city has been fully constructed, with an investment of 10.212 billion yuan, 9.65 times that of 2016, and 52 infrastructure projects have been implemented

this Mianyang Science and technology new city, which has "leapt out" development, has 7 national incubators such as innovation centers, 7 national maker spaces, and 15 national "star creative world". In 2017, 10170 new patent applications and 4500 patent authorizations were added...

not only that, with the deep integration of military and civilian as the core, a large number of major science and technology projects were launched: the "Shenguang III" device of the Chinese Academy of physics passed the national acceptance; China Aerodynamics Research Center has built 27 wind tunnels to undertake aerodynamic tests of manned spacecraft, domestic large aircraft, high-speed trains and so on; The aviation test base of Sichuan Gas Turbine Research Institute of AVIC was completed

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