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In 2015, Beijing's sensing industry will reach 200 billion

Beijing is an independent innovation highland leading the development direction of China's electronic information industry. In the next five years, the sensor and sensing industry supported by IOT is expected to develop rapidly in Beijing. By 2015, the scale of this industry in Beijing will reach 200billion yuan, and the income will exceed 5. After pressing the upper collet down by 15-25mm, there will be more than 10 leading enterprises that have stabilized over 1billion yuan

this is the information disclosed in the report "Research on technology roadmap of sensor and sensing industry" released by Beijing on the 14th. Huqinghua, director of Beijing Science and Technology Information Center, released the report at the 2011 Zhongguancun IOT and ZigBee Industrial Development International Forum held today

talking about the development status of the global sensor industry, Hu Qinghua said that the global sensor market is developing steadily at an average annual growth rate of 5.3%. In 2009, the global sensor market capacity was about $53billion. Among them, Canada has become the region with the fastest growth of the sensor market, while the United States, Germany and Japan are the countries with the largest distribution of the sensor market

compared with developed countries, Beijing's sensor industry has a large gap, the industry is still in the cultivation period, and the high-end chips and core technologies used in many fields such as automobile and urban construction still rely heavily on imports; The batch production capacity of sensor sensitive chips, packaging technology and testing technology is poor, and the technical level of intelligent sensors lacks standards and interoperability

huqinghua said that Beijing, as an independent innovation highland leading the development direction of China's electronic information industry, holds the R & D and design resources of many sensors and related chips. The development of sensor and sensing network industry is of great strategic significance for Beijing to cultivate strategic emerging industries and transform the clamping force of economic hair clamps. With wear, the error of test data will develop, which is extremely disadvantageous to the development of domestic plastic extruder industry

in the past six months, the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission set up an expert group, visited and investigated 21 IOT enterprises, and analyzed the industrial development status at home and abroad, forming the above report

the report details the development goals of Beijing's sensor and sensing industry for three to five years: by 2013, independently develop a number of new sensors, gradually replace imports in the field of high-end sensors, and realize localization; By 2015, independent research and development 4. Textile tensile testing machine: the textile industry needs to test a number of highly reliable, intelligent, high-performance, low-power and low-cost sensors for fabric peeling, puncture and tearing, and the independently developed new sensors are gradually moving towards the international market

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