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Copydot scanning technology (II)

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■ purup eskofot company

purup eskofot company is the world's four largest prepress manufacturers, and its prepress production scale is equivalent to that of Agfa, Heidelberg and Japan. It is a recognized pioneer and leader in the field of point copy scanning - Copydot technology. It recognized the demand of point copy scanning as early as 1986 and began to carry out development and research, and launched the first practical product in 1990. At that time, many worldwide prepress companies were generally skeptical of this market. In addition to its own sales of Copydot products in the early stage of baoludefu company, the OEM also provided the company with the name of monoscan to its users

baoludefu company is also the manufacturer with the largest variety of Copydot scanners and the widest range of products. It currently provides eight models of Copydot scanners, with a format of 310mm from octave × 440mm (Vincent or 1318) to 914mm of full open × 1219mm(EskoScan 3648)。

all products of baoludefu company adopt X-Y scanning technology, so as to ensure high resolution in the whole scanning area. It is also a pioneer in digitalization. At the same time, baoludefu company is the only manufacturer that adopts the method of combining software and hardware adjustment to realize four-color film alignment. Its Copydot scanner has the function of micro rotation (± 5 °) of the scanning table and the software function of automatic alignment, so that the fastest and best registration accuracy can be achieved. The automatic registration component automatically recognizes the registration mark, cutting mark or image details, and uses horizontal and vertical movement and necessary rotation to align the color separations. The automatic registration is automatically completed in the scanning process, so it can greatly save time. At the same time, the operator can paste different films on the same film. 2. The transmission part adopts arc synchronous toothed belt base, and it does not need to be pasted very accurately. At present, except for its low-end products - octal Vincent (the original eskoscan 1318 may also affect the final test results) and tetrad economical scanner eskoscan 2024e, all Copydot scanners of baoludefu company adopt this automatic registration technology

another patented technology of the Copydot scanner of baoludefu company that greatly improves the scanning efficiency is its JPS job preparation station. It can not only provide precise splicing control for X-Y scanning, but also realize the parallel mode of Copydot scanning - eskoscan series scanners of baoludefu allow the scanner host and work preparation platform to work simultaneously under the control of the same computer: the scanner scans a batch (n-1 batches) of films at the same time, The operator can use the digitizer to locate the next batch (n batches) of films and set various scanning parameters on the work preparation table at the same time. Similarly, when n-1 batches of films are scanned and N batches of films are scanned, the operator can carry out the positioning and parameter setting of n+1 batches of films at the same time. This technology undoubtedly greatly improves the working efficiency of the scanner

in addition, in order to remove moire fringes and improve scanning effect, the company also adopts atmf (threshold control and moire filtering) technology. The local threshold adaptation (at) and moire filtering (MF) functions ensure that all points are accurately reproduced without moire when scanning the added originals. The operator can restore points within the range of 1% - 99% with an accuracy of ± 1% by adjusting the thresholds of highlight, middle and dark parts respectively. It can also sharpen the edges of points and enhance the sharpness of text and lines. The moire fringe filter can also add random "noise" to each point to remove the visible moire fringe


TeCSA UK is an unknown small company in the world's prepress field. When it was founded in 1989, the company has been conducting research for more than three years and is close to launching its finished Copydot scanner. However, after four years of development, TeCSA has played a very important role in the point copy scanning market, and has provided point copy scanning software to Agfa, ICG and other companies. Like baloteford, TeCSA uses CCD and scanning plate movement technology in its TS3000 series point copy scanners. TeCSA's current products include ts2470, ts2570 (four open) and TS3100, ts3050 (small split). At the drupa exhibition last May, TeCSA released the ts5000 series scanners and will soon be introduced to the market

■ creo

like baloteford, Creo not only provides Copydot scanners, but also is a successful supplier in the CTP field. In 2000, Cleo announced to merge with another famous prepress manufacturer, Israel saiangel company, to form creo-scitex (Cleo saiangel) company, which may replace baoludefu company to become the fourth largest prepress manufacturer in the world, and squeeze baoludefu into the fifth place

Cleo's Renaissance series Copydot scanner is jointly developed with its customer, the famous printing company Donnelly. Its products are mainly aimed at the high-end market, and adopt a very unique large format roller type and CCD array technology. Although the operation is relatively complex, its advantages are also obvious: it can reach the scanning accuracy of 4800dpi in the whole scanning area. This can't even be achieved by the scanner of baoludefu company

in 1996, Cleo produced its first Copydot scanner, Renaissance 3000, with a scanning format of 813mm × 1118mm。 In June, 1999, Cleo launched Renaissance II, and in May, 2000, at drupa exhibition, Renaissance II + was launched, which increased the scanning speed by 40%, and supported spot color scanning. At the same time, software can be used to repair scratches and other damage on the film

2. The difference and comparison between professional Copydot scanners and non professional Copydot scanners

there are two types of scanners dealing with advertising film on the market at present: one is professional Copydot scanners; The other is that the color scanner comes with Copydot software to realize the function of processing film

these two types of scanners are vastly different in the ability to process film, mainly in terms of scanning speed and registration accuracy:

a: the comparison of scanning speed is shown in the following table: restore cell elasticity (the first three are professional Copydot scanners, Heidelberg, screen, etc. are color scanners with Copydot function)

b: registration problem: processing film and scanning reflection are very different in scanning principle and scanner mechanical design, Reflected in the actual production of scanning. The biggest difference in technology lies in the registration accuracy and time of four-color film, as well as the essential post-processing ability of cleaning and removing after scanning. Many color scanners have high technical parameters and production capacity when processing reflected documents, but Copydot is only an additional function attached to it. It is not only several times or even ten times faster than the professional Copydot scanner in scanning speed, but also cannot have the functions of automatic high-precision registration, threshold control, moire filtering, moire removal and so on like the professional Copydot scanner. In the actual production of some newspapers, non professional Copydot scanners often have moire, collision and other phenomena, which leads to the ambiguity of words in some advertisements, such as numbers, resulting in customer claims and other cases

scanning time baoludefu TeCSA Cleo Heidelberg screen ICG baoludefu (minutes) 2024 3100 Rena Duoba Caixian 360i fb+, F10 a set of A4 format

(4 sheets), 2540dpi 10151028 ~ 3838 ~ 8010834 ~ 523. List of Copydot scanners introduced by domestic newspapers and enterprises (Table 3)

serial number manufacturer 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 1 baoludefu Shenzhen Special Zone News, Shenzhen business daily, Yangcheng Evening News, Beijing, economy, Beijing Youth Daily, international business daily Qingdao, Guangzhou, Zhejiang Hubei, Dazhong, Beijing (channel 2), people, Anhui Xinhua, Nanjing ed 2 TeCSA Dahe news

(Trial) Beijing Morning Post (Trial), Wenhui new plastic rubber stretching introduction people, Hangzhou, people, tonight China business news 3 Cleo 4 Comparison of the characteristics of two main Copydot scanners in China (Table 4)

project baoludefu eskoscan series TeCSA TS series business history and technical strength the world's four major prepress equipment manufacturers produced the world's first Copydot scanner in 1990. Their products were established as OEM products by saiangel, Agfa and other companies in 1989 and became Copydot

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