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Overview of digital output devices (Part 2)

2 The rapid popularity of digital cameras has brought great convenience to people's daily life and work. With the rapid growth of the number of digital cameras, in order to solve the problem of photo output, digital printers came into being

the output equipment of digital photos mainly includes laser photo paper output equipment, other types of photo paper output equipment, color inkjet printer, color thermal sublimation printer, color thermal transfer printer, etc. Due to the pollution of laser photo paper output and the consumption of silver, inkjet printers have more advantages than laser photo paper output devices in the field of digital photo output

at present, the output of digital photos mainly includes digital printing and digital printing. Digital printing refers to the simultaneous use of digital means and traditional silver salt imaging technology to expose and image on chemical paper, that is, the image is exposed on the paper. With the increase of the output of digital cameras, digital printing shops and printing shops have developed rapidly. Compared with traditional printing, the price is slightly higher. Compared with digital printing, they also have their own advantages and disadvantages

traditional image manufacturers represented by Kodak are taking the road of "digital printing shop" to make full use of their original image advantages and resources. Especially in the past two years, there have been more and more digital printing stores. For example, Kodak has more than 60 Digital Printing stores in Beijing. The domestic digital printing market is basically monopolized by Kodak and Fuji. It manufacturers represented by HP and Epson are taking the road of "digital printing"

digital printing is to use a digital printer to print digital images on photographic paper. At present, digital printers on the market are mainly divided into inkjet printers, thermal sublimation printers and thermal transfer printers. Ordinary laser printers are fast and cheap, but they are generally used to print color text. If color photos are printed, the effect is difficult to meet the general needs. If high-end color laser printers are used, the price is high, and their use in the field of digital printing is limited

inkjet printers, whether popular or high-end products, almost all have the function of printing photos. In order to make the printed photos have high quality, many manufacturers have launched photo printers. Compared with ordinary inkjet printers, photo printers have higher printing resolution, generally 2400dpi. An inkjet printer with higher resolution can be called a photo printer. The vast majority of photo printers use six color or more ink cartridges, so the photos printed are more colorful. Photo printers will also constitute a huge trading market, which is divided into ordinary and professional types, and its market is mainly controlled by HP, Epson and canon. Ordinary photo printers, such as HP's Photosmart 130, 148, 245, 7150, 7268, 7550, 7660, Canon's i80 portable direct photo printer, Epson's Stylus Photo R210 personal photo printer, Stylus Photo R310 digital photo printer, etc. In professional fields, such as Canon's i990 seven color professional photo printer, Canon's i9950 is an eight color professional photo printer; At the end of 2003, HP launched 3. Photosmart 7960, an eight color ink-jet printer with bending center (press roll) diameter, as required. In February this year, Epson launched the stylus photo R800, an eight color ink-jet printer

it is worth noting that the cost of printing high-quality photos is also quite high. Therefore, thermal sublimation printers are sometimes used when high-quality printing is required. At present, many manufacturers, such as Olympus, Canon, Sony and so on, have specially launched household thermal sublimation printers. This kind of printer is small in size and can be carried with you even when traveling. It can output your favorite photos anytime and anywhere. In the consumer market, there are not many kinds of thermal sublimation printers. The main products are Olympus' p-300e, p-330e and Sony's dpp-ms300e. Due to the high resolution of the printed photos, the color performance of the images is also quite good. Therefore, this kind of printer is mostly used in professional fields. However, due to its high price and high use cost, due to the limitations of product unit price, overall use cost, printing speed and other factors, the development speed will not be too fast

heat transfer printer is the first product developed by Fuji company. Its main products are professional photo printer CX-400. Due to low market awareness, heat transfer printers are generally limited to business office use

3. Digital printing is on the rise

in the era of informatization, digitalization and networking, there is a large amount of digital information that needs to be printed quickly, such as all kinds of advertisements, product manuals, posters, posters, picture books, tenders, etc. Different from traditional printing, its demand is small, requiring on-demand printing, fast Availability, and even immediately desirable. Therefore, digital printing, also known as short edition printing, has emerged

at present, digital printing equipment mainly includes digital printers and digital printing schemes with laser printer technology as the core. According to the latest statistics of "digital printing", 14.9% of printing plants have been equipped with digital printing machines, which fully shows that digital printing machines are widely promoted and applied in the printing industry. However, due to its high price at present, it is still used in a small proportion in general small and medium-sized printing enterprises. Generally, small and medium-sized enterprises mainly use digital printing solutions with laser printer technology as the core, such as HP, Oki, Konica Minolta and other products. The development of all-in-one machine

all-in-one machine is a device that integrates more than two functions, such as printing, scanning, copying, fax, email and so on. Because of its multiple functions, convenient use, small size and low price, it is a cost-effective input and output device for home and office use. The multifunctional all-in-one machine integrates digitalization, integration and networking, which fully meets people's requirements for efficient, fast-paced and automated modern office work. Therefore, it is welcomed by small and medium-sized enterprises and home users

since it came out in the 1990s, the development speed of all-in-one machine has been very fast. According to CCID, the sales volume of all-in-one machines in the United States reached 2.3 million in 1997, surpassing the number of laser printers. In 2001, about 1/3 of printers, fax machines and other equipment in the European and American markets were replaced by multifunctional machines. At present, the world's all-in-one machine is in a straight upward stage. Since Lenovo launched the first multifunctional all-in-one machine in China in 1997, its number has increased significantly every year. The growth over the years is shown in Table 1. Although there is still a certain gap between the multi-function all-in-one machine and the mainstream input-output product market, its development speed is still very fast, both in product technology and market cognition

although the multifunctional all-in-one machine has a variety of office functions, it is not a simple stack of multi-functional devices, such as Lenovo's LJ6012MFP, which is developed on the basis of printers; Fuji Xerox's Workcentre 385 was developed on the basis of fax machines; Epson's stylus scan 2500 is developed on the basis of scanners; HP's Officejet 85g is developed on the basis of the copier. Most of them are related to output devices, so it media classifies them as output devices

there are many manufacturers producing all-in-one machines. Foreign manufacturers mainly include HP, Samsung, Lexmark, Dell, Canon, which can play a major role in the automotive industry due to the continuous accumulation of scope advantages; 2. The development of polyurethane foam and products is gradually moving towards lightweight, multi hardness, low odor, low haze, aging resistance, storage stability and more environmental protection; 3. The material formula and molding process need to be further optimized. Fuji Xerox, Epson and other companies, domestic manufacturers mainly include Lenovo, founder, Xiamen new and so on. Among them, domestic brands account for a large proportion, especially Lenovo, which has achieved the best market share of all-in-one machines for six consecutive years from 1997 to 2003

2004 is a year of "blowout" growth of all-in-one machines. Many manufacturers, such as Lenovo, HP, Dell, founder, etc., have increased publicity and promotion efforts to improve market share. Since 2003, Lenovo has reduced the price of M700, a color ink-jet multifunctional machine with functions such as printing, copying, scanning and faxing. The original price was 1499 yuan, and then the market reference price was 550 yuan, and then the bundle sales price was only 499 yuan, which played a role in promoting the further popularization of multifunctional machines. In 2004, Lenovo continued to maintain its strategy of low price and bundle sales. On March 25th, 2004, China Hewlett Packard Co., Ltd. held an all-in-one machine Strategy Conference with the theme of "a new world, starting with creation" at the Shangri La Hotel in Beijing, showing its more than 10 all-in-one machine products, from laser to inkjet, from low-end to high-end, covering different levels of business users, home users and other complete product systems, implying the creation of a new all-in-one machine market in China. Other manufacturers also have their own tricks. At the beginning of 2004, Samsung fully integrated its OA product line series, integrated the multifunctional all-in-one machine with fax machine and printer into a complete OA product line, and made major adjustments to the channel, trying to expand the Chinese multifunctional all-in-one machine market on a large scale. On May 18th, 2004, Lexmark launched two new all-in-one machines, x2250 and x5150. X2250 is a "three in one" color inkjet machine that can meet the printing, scanning and copying needs of ordinary household users. It is expected that this year's all-in-one machine products will continue to push through the old and bring forth the new. With the improvement of technology and the decline of price, its market will become more popular

according to IDC's prediction, in the next five years, China's all-in-one machine market will maintain a high rate of development, and its market share will increase by 50%

in short, with the continuous rise in the demand for color business office and the repeated lowering of prices by manufacturers, the domestic market for color output equipment is hot, and the conditions for entering the home have been met. According to a large-scale survey conducted by Jishi consulting in Beijing recently, the penetration rate of desktop computers has reached 60.8%, followed by inkjet printers, with a penetration rate of 19.6%, and laser printers, with a penetration rate of 4.9%. The increasing popularity of computers indicates that output devices such as inkjet printers and laser printers will grow at a higher rate

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