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Overview of CTP plate making machine market (III)

there is basically nothing new. The so-called profiteering UV setter n546 (formerly 57z) includes a new exposure head digital screen imaging (dsi2). The exposure head no longer uses the micromirror of Texas Instruments to expose micro images in parallel, but uses the micromirror to expose micro images in strips through the whole page. Through strip exposure, the exposure speed of the printing plate is almost twice as fast. This new exposure head is represented by the number "4" in the UV setter n546 model. Now it can output 100 ~ 150 newspapers per hour

there are two new plate making machines in the super large size range: UV setter 1532, which is suitable for 148cm × 210cm size plate; UV setter 1632 for 158CM × 327cm size plate

escher-grade company

escher-grade company is a manufacturer of purple laser inner drum plate making machine in Canada. Its plate making equipment has four models, namely, cobalt 4, cobalt 8, cobalt 24 and cobalt 32. The number represents the largest number of pages on the printing plate. All four models use 30MW violet laser diode to expose silver salt plate and photopolymer plate. The national standard of Colbert 4 plastic shopping bag will be officially introduced before the deadline on June 1, with an automatic plate feeding device, which outputs 18 printing plates per hour at a price of 100000 euros. Cobalt 8 outputs 15 plates per hour at a price of 125000 euros

Fujifilm Review Committee believes that the standard preparation group has done a lot of work. The company

Fujifilm company once showed the Luxel V-6 CTP 4-page plate making machine on drupa 2004, which is designed based on the principle of Luxel v-9600 ctp8 page inner drum plate making machine. According to the company, more than 600 machines have been sold in 37 countries

luxel V-6 CTP provides built-in positioning punching device, 120 plate boxes, 8 different resolutions and optional semi-automatic or full-automatic processing. 30MW purple laser diode outputs 20 pieces (76.5cm) at 2438dpi per hour × 68.6cm) printing plate. Fujifilm's inner drum plate making machine is made by itself, while the thermal plate making machine is an OEM model of screen company. The 8-page plate making machine of Luxel t-9000 is now replaced by 512 channel GLV plate making machine, and its model is Luxel t 9800 CTP

now Fujifilm company has appeared super large plate making machine for the first time in its product catalogue. The exposure plate of Ultima CTP plate making machine (OEM model of platerite Ultima 32000) is from 4 pages to 32 pages, and the size is 65cm × 55cm to 212.4cm × 127.6cm。 The external drum plate making machine uses GLV exposure head to output 30 8-page plates per hour, and the model with two GLV exposure heads exposes 46 8-page plates in parallel per hour

jetplate systems company

the famous Pisces company was merged at the end of 2003, and launched two inkjet plate making systems for small format offset printing machines under the new name of "jetplate systems"

the cheap jetplate 4000 two page system consists of jetplate 4000 plate making machine, plate printing processor, rip and computer. The system uses Epson Pro 4000 printer to print on the traditional negative aluminum plate, and the plate size can reach 44.5cm × 63cm。 The printing plate is printed with a special ink (markerfluid) at a resolution of 2280dpi, and then developed on the jetplate device. The price is 25000 euros, and the color prints printed with it are of good quality. Jetplate 7600 system is a 4-page plate making system that works on the same principle. It uses Epson stylus Pro 7600 printer and the same resolution. The printing size is 61cm × 74cm, priced at 33000 euros

Kodak poly Light Company

Kodak poly light (KPG) is a famous plate manufacturer and thermal technology company

KPG has sold a small-size ECRM plate making machine for violet laser plate printing in the United States, and announced in May 2004 that it will sell screen's thermal plate making machine in the United States. Since screen does not manufacture plate making machines for newspapers, KPG's own thermal newsetter plate making machine is just suitable for newspaper printing

Lausanne company

luacher, Switzerland, showed a thermal plate making production line with an inner drum groove, and the outer drum plate making machine rotates in the inner drum groove. The xpose plate making machine series has 4, 8, 16 and 24 pages, which is naturally supplemented by the 2-page plate making machine unimaginable by the 3 of xpose 190. This large plate making machine is used for the printing plate of rapida 205 offset press of gaobao company. Xpose 180 can expose two 8-page plates in parallel at the same time. The xpose 190, which includes front-end devices, costs 398000 euros

a noteworthy new development is flexpose75, which is used for sizes up to 90cm × 68cm offset printing plate can also image the flexo with black thermal layer. After the drupa exhibition, Lausanne wanted to decide whether to add the binary plate making machine series. In March 2004, it acquired zed instruments, a British company, which is the market leader of flexographic direct engraving technology. Lausanne sold a total of 46 plate making machines at the drupa exhibition, of which 34 were xpose machines

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