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The main features and usage of the variable ratio group tester

the variable ratio group tester has the advantages of small volume, light weight, high precision and good stability. It adopts large screen Chinese character display, menu operation and friendly interface. The transformation ratio group can be measured at one time. This instrument is an ideal testing instrument for the electric power industry

main features:

1. Large measurement range of transformation ratio:

2. After entering the standard and looking forward to the future transformation ratio, the relative error can be calculated automatically

3. Fast measurement speed

4. It is convenient to carry and suitable for field operation

5. Chinese menu prompt, simple and convenient operation

6. Set the data, the measurement results are automatically saved, and the previous data can be viewed

7. Powerful function: it can not only carry out single-phase measurement, but also realize the automatic test of three-phase windings. The connection group can be arbitrarily selected, and the transformation ratio value of AB, BC, CA three phases can be measured at one time. 8. Error, connection group and other parameters

9. One measurement is completed, and the power supply is automatically cut off for material selection and inspection of some large key structural parts

10. Measure the on load transformer and input the transformation ratio only once

usage of the ratio group tester:

1. If the LCD display is disordered during the operation of the instrument, we hope that Mongolia will create a good environment for Chinese enterprises to invest and start business in Mongolia. Press all the keys and there is no response, or the measured value is far from the actual value, please press the reset key, or turn off the power and operate again

2. It is used when debugging the communication port

3. Overcurrent insurance is 0.5A. If the test line is short circuited and the high and low voltage connections are reversed, the fuse will be blown. After the fuse is blown, 1. Self locking: the buzzer inside the instrument will give an alarm. Please shut down, replace the fuse with the same capacity, and retest

4. The instrument should be stored in a dry and ventilated place. If it is not used for a long time or the environment is humid, the preheating time should be extended before use to remove moisture

5. If the display has no characters or the color is very light, please adjust the brightness potentiometer to the appropriate position

6. The working place of the instrument should be away from strong electric field, strong magnetic field and high-frequency equipment. The smaller the interference of power supply, the better. It is better to choose lighting line. If the interference of power supply is still large, the instrument can be powered by AC purification power supply. The capacity of AC purification power supply is greater than 200va

7. Keep the connection in good contact. The ratio group tester should be well grounded

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