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The main mechanical structure of the full-automatic carton packaging machine

main transmission system

main transmission system is shown in the figure. The transmission route is as follows:

the main transmission motor rotates through a pair of sprocket drive shafts I, and the clutch ml is a safety protection device. When the equipment is overloaded, the safety clutch disengages, and the electricity 6. The batch measuring machine idles. Fix the couplings m2 and M3, connect the shafts I, II and III into one, and the two bevel gears and a spur gear fixed on them respectively transmit power to three parts:

the bevel gear Z3 drives the slot cam to rotate after decelerating through its meshing gear Z4, and then the slot cam rotates the sprocket Z5 on the shaft X through the connecting rod mechanism, and drives it to the shaft x I through the sprocket speed increase, so that a pair of gears z7 drives the rack to and fro

the bevel gear Z8 drives the stepping transmission box after reducing the distance through the meshed gear Z9, so that the output shaft V makes the stepping transmission, and then through the chain transmission, the rotary chain moves step by step. After the gear Z10 decelerates through the gear zll, it drives the program cam switch to work. The program cam switch controls the working program of the system through the microswitch on it. By adjusting the output speed of the main motor, the working rhythm of the system can be adjusted

feed conveyor belt drive system

see Figure 3 for the feed conveyor belt drive system. The use of CFRP in the automotive market and pressure vessels will increase significantly. The power source of the feed chain is a speed regulating motor, which can be selected differently depending on the container

the speed regulating motor 1 drives the upper shaft to rotate through a pair of sprockets. Next, Shandong Star High Tech technicians mainly talk about why the yield strength of the fatigue testing machine is inaccurate: the sprocket Z3 installed on the shaft I drives the flat top chain to move, and the noise is sent to the input seat of the packing mechanism with the movement of the chain plate

the motor 2 drives the eccentric wheel to rotate, drives the rocker arm, makes the roller frame rub the containers back and forth along the conveying direction, and forms a regular arrangement of containers that are irregularly arranged when they just enter the conveying chain

when the conveyor belt is running, adjust the output speed of motor 1 to change the conveying speed of the conveyor belt, so that the conveying speed conforms to the working rhythm of the main transmission system

when changing the number of roller frames and shunt guide rails of the bottle handling device and the spacing between them, it can adapt to the transportation of containers with different combinations of different containers

paper magazine suction cup mechanism

the cardboard used in the packaging container is stacked on the paper magazine frame. The suction cup is driven by a cylinder. When the suction cup rises to the bottom of the cardboard, the suction force adsorbs the single cardboard on the suction cup. When the cardboard moves down to the paper magazine guide, the suction cup vacuum is released, which completes the suction action of the paper board

cardboard conveying mechanism

after the cardboard is sucked onto the paper library guide, the push rod on the paper pushing mechanism is driven by the air cylinder to push the cardboard forward and enter the paper guiding system

see Figure 4 for the drive system of the paper guide frame.

its main drive route is: Motor - zl/Z2 Ⅰ Z3/Z4 Ⅱ

the worm reducer motor shows the company's strong strength in materials and processing technology. The upper shaft is driven to rotate by a pair of sprockets. The surface of the output wheel installed on shaft I is silicone rubber, and the cardboard passes between the output wheel and the bearing on shaft III, and then enters between a pair of rollers (the rollers are installed on shaft II) with rubber rings and the bearings installed on shaft IV, which are increased by toothed belt wheels, Rely on the friction force of these two pairs of rollers to guide the cardboard in place

packing and bottle protection device

the packing mechanism and bottle protection device are combined to form a system. The packing head is driven by the air cylinder to move the distance of half the diameter of the container, so that the containers that have been arranged and assembled according to the packaging requirements fall on the cardboard that has been transported in place. The bottle protection device is to make the containers that are constantly fed stay above the sub assembly head

lifting and slewing mechanism

the lifting support plate is installed on the top of the rack. The rack is driven by the main transmission system to make it move up and down again, driving the support plate to rise or fall together, rising to the most commercial point, holding the edge of the packaging paperboard together with the container. When it falls to the lowest point, the support plate is level with the plane of the rotary chain channel, and the paperboard and container enter the rotary chain channel. The step-by-step transmission box in the main transmission system drives the rotary mechanism to move step by step. When the lifting bracket drives the cardboard and container down to the plane of the rotary chain channel, the rotary chain drives the carton to move one station

glue spraying, folding, pressing and shaping mechanism

glue spraying is divided into top and both sides. The starting position and length of glue spraying can be adjusted through the parameter setting of PLC. When the top is sprayed with glue, the folding plate separates the folding tongue of the carton under the action of the air cylinder and the crank, and the upper cover. In the next step-by-step conveying process, the folding and forming of glue spraying on both sides and flap on both sides are completed. When the step is over, the carton is in the pause state of the next station. At this time, the upper cover pressure mechanism and the side pressure mechanism shape and tighten the carton under the action of the cylinder to complete the bonding, so that the finished carton is transported to the outlet at the next step

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