Main measures to prevent suffocation death in the

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Main measures to prevent suffocation death in coal mines

the main disasters in coal mines in China include gas, roof, rockburst, fire, water, dust, heat, etc. Among them, gas accidents are the most harmful, and they are called the first killer of coal mines. In, gas accidents accounted for 80% of a major accident that killed more than 10 people nationwide; Gas accidents account for 83% of the particularly serious accidents that kill more than 30 people at a time; Among the 24 particularly serious accidents that killed more than 100 people, there were 21 gas and coal dust accidents, accounting for 88% and 90% of the accidents and deaths respectively. Gas accidents are the most harmful, causing an average of 3.30 deaths per accident. In addition, almost all coal mines in the country have gas emission, with an annual emission of more than 15billion m3. There are 4462 high gassy mines and 911 outburst mines in China. Among the key state-owned coal mines, high gas outburst mines account for about 50%, and about 250 are outburst mines. By the end of 2007, there had been more than 16400 outstanding times nationwide, and important decisions accounted for about 40% of the total outstanding times in the world. Therefore, China is one of the countries with the most serious coal and gas outbursts in the world

it has strong ductility and elasticity. Therefore, the following measures are proposed to prevent suffocation death in the mine

I. each mine must have sufficient ventilation capacity, reliable ventilation facilities and perfect ventilation system to ensure sufficient air volume and stable air flow in the underground production and operation site, so as to meet the needs of underground operators for oxygen

II. While using methane detection alarm and carbon monoxide detector to check the content of methane and carbon monoxide, oxygen detector should also be used to check the oxygen content to prevent hypoxia and asphyxia

III. blind roadways and goaf management should be closed in time in strict accordance with the provisions of the coal mine safety regulations

IV. strictly control the ventilation state of the corner joint roadway to prevent the phenomenon of breeze or lack of ventilation, resulting in local overrun of methane or high nitrogen and hypoxia

v. in case of geological structure changes and the safety results of methane and nitrogen bureau may be greatly different, corresponding safety technical measures should be taken in time

VI. water cannon mud must be used for blasting, and spray water must be sprayed before and after blasting to strengthen local ventilation and prevent nitrogen dioxide poisoning

VII. When dealing with explosion and underground fire accidents, it is necessary to correctly analyze the damage of ventilation system and the impact of fire and wind pressure on mine air flow. Reasonably determine the evacuation route of personnel in disaster areas and the travel route of rescue personnel to avoid poisoning and suffocation

VIII. Complete ventilation monitoring instruments and improve monitoring methods

strengthen the basic work of technology, establish and implement the access system of safety signs for mining products according to law. Improve the supervision level of coal mine safety control, improve the technical threshold of safety equipment, and ensure the safety performance of mining products. Only by fundamentally ensuring the reliability of products entering the well, can we ensure the safety of miners' lives and property and really play a preventive role

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