Main functions of the hottest digital camera

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The main function of digital camera

there are very few opportunities for digital cameras to specially shoot moving objects. Almost all of them are used to shoot still life. So close up is very important. At the same time, whether there is a framing error and how to correct it during close-up shooting also have a great impact on the success rate of shooting

zoom range is the focus of the examination. The focal length should be shorter when shooting landscapes and scenes; Shooting portraits, products, still life, etc. requires a longer focal length. So far, no camera can meet everyone's requirements for focal length

digital cameras are all electric tigers. Whether the external power supply of the original factory is supplied or not must be considered

digital cameras are usually connected to computers through serial ports. The serial port has good versatility and the speed is not too slow. It is a good method. USB is very difficult to use. Most computers don't have this port at all; Don't go to the motherboard manufacturer for software. (generally, they don't match when they are sold.). It's better to stay away from USB and have less trouble. But after next year, I think I can safely use usbb. Infrared port is also a good way. Unfortunately, only laptops have red ports. But USB may not be a problem next year. The memory concrete of digital cameras is an essential material for engineering. Cards can generally be converted into PCMCIA cards through special adapters, which can be used in portable computers. There is also a PCMCIA drive that can reduce the aircraft assembly process and manufacturing cost. It can be installed on a desktop computer. Reading a PCMCIA card is like reading a floppy disk. There is also a high-speed serial port with the latest standard: IEEE1394 has also begun to appear on digital cameras. Tensile strength this interface is extremely fast, you can transmit video on it

the adjustment range of shutter speed, leave it alone

a camera with manual focusing is better. It is very useful in close-up photography. For example: Sony fd-7, Kodak dc-260

manual exposure is better! Unfortunately, there are too few such cameras

whether an additional lens can be installed in front of the lens and whether the aperture is a conventional size are related to whether you can expand its use in the future. This is very important. General choices: 37mm, 43mm, 46mm, 49mm, 52mm this series of

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