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The main components and operation precautions of electric pad printing machine

the main components of electric pad printing machine include: rubber head, oil pan, scraper piece group, stepless speed regulation device, switch (operation/manual), fixture lifting table, etc. Because it does not need the traditional air pump air source, and adopts the mechanical transmission system and electricity of 220V power supply, it can obtain the stepless speed change of thermal conductivity coefficient lower than that of non convective air. The equipment has good stability, controllable precision, low cost, small volume, convenient use and reliable quality

the model of the rubber head

the rubber head should have good ink absorption and deinking, good resilience, fatigue resistance, solvent resistance and other properties. The size, shape, soft and hard of the rubber head shall be selected according to the chart or physical model provided by the supplier, and then a model specification shall be determined according to the actual use and service life

the contact deformation between the rubber head and the substrate should be as small as possible, and its diameter is about 3mm larger than that of the word case. If there are many thin lines in the printing plate, the glue head should be relatively soft. The extrusion depth between the rubber head and the substrate shall not exceed 1/3 of the height of the rubber head, otherwise the rubber head is easy to be damaged and the ink table is deformed and blurred. There is a layer of release agent on the surface of the newly purchased rubber head. Wipe it with a clean cloth dipped in ethanol or plate washing agent before use

type of ink

general ink is often used. This type of ink and additives can print character patterns on plastic rubber, metal glass, and nylon experimental results. The output results can be set arbitrarily: maximum force value, elongation dragon canvas and other materials. It is characterized by low cost, strong adhesion and ideal color. However, it is not applicable to PE/PP, baked ceramics, etc. the corresponding diluent should be selected according to the pattern, size and adaptability of the substrate, and the standard type is generally selected

fixture design

a special fixture should be designed and made according to the shape of the substrate to firmly clamp the substrate, ensure the printing accuracy and repeatability in the printing process, and the convenience, simplicity and safety of taking and placing operation. For a large number of prints, in order to improve efficiency, a conveyor belt structure can be designed


the quality evaluation indicators of scraper mainly include hardness, thickness, elasticity, straightness of knife edge, etc. Generally, the flat steel belt with good elasticity of 0.25mm is selected as the scraper. The cutting edge should be sharp, smooth and straight, and can closely match with the steel plate. If the blade edge of the scraper is not sharp or damaged, it will cause unclean scraping and adhesion to the edge of the text or generate scraper. The operator shall not separate the ink marks without authorization, and serious printing plates will be scratched. When in use, the scraper should be at an angle with the printing plate to avoid the falling of the scraper into the concave of the printing plate, and excessive scraping will damage the graphics and texts. The length of the scraper should be greater than the width of the pattern text close to the steel plate. The pressure of the scraper should be as small as possible on the premise of scraping the non graphic part of the ink on the printing plate

I. control of process conditions

operation of printing machine

you should be familiar with the working state of the main mechanism at all stages and the operations that can be selected in turn. After the pilot test is normal, in principle, just focus on the printing surface, keys and display lights

installation of the printing plate

fix the printing plate in the middle of the ink tray, and then adjust the fixture of the substrate so that the glue head is aligned with the center of the plate and the printing center of the substrate, and the installation of the printing plate is completed

adjustment of glue head and control of machine speed

during pad printing, the falling and lifting of glue head determines the transfer rate of ink to some extent and affects the formation of graphics and texts. Therefore, under the premise that the car is also an essential transportation tool for people, the rubber head, substrate, ink flow, etc. are adjusted in place, slowing down the machine speed appropriately is conducive to improving the quality of prints

add solvent and control the ink flow

prepare the ink solvent at one time according to the printing volume. Generally, the ratio of ink and solvent is 1:2 (winter, spring and Autumn) - 2:5 (summer). That is, use slow release agent if it is too hot or fast drying; On the contrary, if it is too cold or dry slowly, use fast drying agent. Add a certain amount of diluted ink in advance according to the amount of ink used for the substrate at a certain interval

wet temperature control

the essence is to try to make the solvent in the ink have a relatively stable evaporation rate. A simple way to control temperature and humidity is to print in an air-conditioned workshop

II. Problems and treatment suggestions

image and text deformation and distortion

are mainly caused by the deviation between the load, hardness, surface radius of curvature of the rubber head and the thickness, size, depth of the image and text, as well as the two relative central positions between the transfer. Choose more rubber heads of several specifications and models, or use normal steel plates in the past, eliminate the source of faults, and select the correct process

light and open ink transfer

is mainly caused by improper selection and use of ink. The ink should not be too thin or thick paste is added

the edge of the imprint is rough

check whether the scraper is sharp or notched, whether the ink is too thin, and whether the rubber head and steel plate are worn

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