Price adjustment of most popular electric vehicles

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The price adjustment of most brand electric vehicles in Haikou

"when I last came to see electric vehicles, the price was not so expensive. After a while, it went up by hundreds." Haikou citizen Ms. Liang said. Yesterday, we learned from our visit that due to the rising prices of raw materials and accessories of electric vehicles and the rising purchase costs, the price of electric vehicles in Haikou has recently been adjusted, and the prices of many models of electric vehicles of most brands have increased by 100-500 yuan. Zhong Qi's intern Jin Haotian citizen: the price of some brand electric vehicles in Haikou has increased by several hundred yuan.

"the price of electric vehicles has increased recently, some by twoorthree yuan, and some by fourorfive yuan." Recently, Ms. Liang, a citizen of Haikou, introduced that in July, she was going to buy an electric car. She saw several brands and models in the electric car sales market in East Lake, and wrote down the prices for comparison at home. However, due to too busy work and considering the issue of licensing, the purchase of electric vehicles has been delayed. Two days ago, Ms. Liang finally got free. She went to the electric car sales market again and found that the price of her favorite electric car had risen

"some stores say that the current electric vehicles can be licensed, so the price rises. Some say that due to the impact of environmental protection policies, some electric vehicle manufacturers that do not meet the standards have been shut down for rectification, and the supply of electric vehicles in the market exceeds the demand, leading to a rise in the price." Ms. Liang said

Salesperson: raw materials are reduced, the supply of electric vehicles accounts for 50% of the world, and prices are rising

yesterday morning, I went to the electric vehicle sales market in East Lake and Fucheng District, visited a number of electric vehicle sales stores of different brands, and learned that, except for a few brands of individual models, prices have not been adjusted. Since the middle of August this year, prices of many electric vehicles of most brands have increased. The price rise of electric vehicles basically involves the entire electric vehicle industry, with an increase of 100-500 yuan

"the price of this car is 3480 yuan. If the invoice is only 2500 yuan, it can be 100 yuan less; if the invoice is issued at the actual price, there is no discount." In an electric car shop, the salesperson told that since August, the price of this electric car has increased by twoorthree yuan. "Raw materials and logistics are expensive, resulting in higher purchase costs, so the sales price can only be raised."

in another car shop, the salesperson pushed a new electric car, "this is a new electric car launched this year. It sells for 3890 yuan. It can also be raffled in the official account. 100% of the prize will be won. The prize will range from 100 yuan to 500 yuan." According to the salesperson, the car sold for 3690 yuan before August, but now it has been increased by 200 yuan

"as the output of raw materials decreased and the supply of electric vehicles decreased, the price of electric vehicles rose. At the end of August, some models of electric vehicles of some brands were even out of stock." A staff member of a brand electric vehicle sales store said. "The price rise of electric vehicles is mainly caused by the price rise of raw materials and accessories." A salesperson said that the supply of electric vehicle parts and raw materials was short, which led to the increase in the price of the whole vehicle. In September, there was no shortage of electric vehicles

"the prices of many models of most brands of electric vehicles in East Lake have increased, as have those in Fucheng and other places, and the repair costs of electric vehicles have also increased." According to an after-sales staff, the electric motors of electric vehicles have risen by tens of yuan, and some small parts have risen by yuan; The battery increased by tens of yuan to 100 yuan

insiders: it is expected that the price increase will continue for a period of time

in this regard, chenhongxin, President of Haikou electric bicycle industry association, said that at present, some fixtures are a part of the experimental machine that often changes according to the change of material samples. However, if the materials are not innovative, some models of brand electric vehicles will be out of stock and the price will rise. This avoids the common stress cracking problems in polycarbonate processing, which not only occur in our province, This situation occurs all over the country, mainly due to the vigorous implementation of the national environmental protection policy, the rectification and upgrading of the suppliers of raw materials and accessories for electric vehicles, and the reduction or shutdown of some suppliers, resulting in the shortage of electric vehicles and price increases. As far as the current situation is concerned, the most important factor in the price rise is the rise in the prices of plastic parts and batteries for electric vehicles. Chenhongxin said that the price increase is expected to continue for some time

link to the environmental protection tax law. The cost of electric vehicles may rise next year.

it is reported that the environmental protection tax law of the people's Republic of China will come into force on January 1, 2018, in which the tax items are closely related to the spraying industry. That is to say, from next year, the paint factory, paint factory and frame factory involving electric vehicle parts will increase a tax, which may have an important impact on the electric vehicle industry

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