The worst panel market performance in 2016 will co

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The performance of the panel Market in 2016 will continue to be negative

affected by the inventory of downstream customers and other factors, the decline in the panel price in late December expanded. However, visiting the supply chain, the quotation will have a chance to perform in the stock demand before the Chinese Lunar New Year in January next year, and the performance of the panel factory will continue to be negative in the next year when the market supply and demand may still be unbalanced

xubojie, associate manager of Daqing securities investment consulting, pointed out that the global 4ktv market grew brightly this year. IHS estimated that 39million panels would be shipped in the whole year, with a multiple growth. It is estimated that it will continue to grow to 66million units in 2016, with an annual growth rate of 69%; Among them, 4krgbw models will grow from 6million to 15million, which is expected to make the growth of Korean panel factories dominated by rgbw4k better than the performance of Taiwan manufacturers

in the fourth quarter of the short term, many TV machines seemed strange. The downstream digestion inventory of the market was coming to an end. The inventory of large-size IC had been removed. In the lunar new year, the continental TV brand would replenish the inventory. In January, the relevant supply chain had received urgent orders, and 4ktv was still the focus of the mainland brand factory

analysts pointed out that 4ktv has a high unit price and can also extend the service life of the experimental machine. The average number of driving ICs continues to rise, and the performance of supply chains including group innovation, Lianyong, and the world will benefit

huangwenqing, associate manager of Taixin investment consulting, said that since late December, the panel quotation has been significantly affected by the inventory of downstream customers such as TV and PC. the decline in TV quotation has expanded, and the 32 inch decline has remained nearly 5%. 4%, and the decline of 50 inch and 55 inch quotations expanded to 4. 5% and 4. 2%, the price trend is not as expected; The quotation of monitor panel was supported by some American brands, with a decline of 1%

analysts pointed out that according to the statistics of the quotation of large-size panels in the fourth quarter of this year, TV fell by nearly 20%, monitors by 8% and nb7%, and the quotation fell. In addition, due to the impact of annual repair rate, the profit of large-size panel factories will face the hidden worry of changing from profit to loss

looking forward to 2016, the legal entity pointed out that after the US announced the interest rate rise, the US dollar continued to rise and the RMB began to devalue Engel's provision of Duo machines for NCC for R & D value, and the consumer demand in emerging markets continued to be weak. IEK estimated that the annual growth rate of global display industry output in 2016 was only 3. 3%, resulting in various problems in the process of measurement, with a value of $146.6 billion. The annual industrial demand was still weak and could not meet the 8% demand of the mainland. 5g new capacity continues to open

Taiwan factories have begun to adjust their production capacity. In addition to taking annual leave, a few manufacturers have begun to take unpaid leave on a large scale, and Huaying has begun to reduce 4. 5g capacity, in the short term, will help the quotation of panels below Hd720 specification. However, with the government policy support and subsidies, the continuous expansion of the mainland is still the biggest negative factor for the overall panel industry and will also be the biggest test of next year's performance

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