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Recently, the property market has warmed up, and many new owners are busy decorating their new homes. Reporters have visited for days and found that many security doors now claim to be fire-proof, and security doors with fire-proof functions are even more expensive by hundreds of yuan. However, experts said that whether it can prevent fire depends on the filling material. Some claims are “ Polyurethane foaming ” Yes, it can't prevent fire at all. If the manufacturer claims to be able to prevent fire, it must provide fire prevention certificate and inspection report

visit: it costs 800 yuan to have fire prevention function.

Xiao Luo has been busy decorating recently, but she was dazzled by a burglar proof door alone, “ It's sound insulation, heat preservation and fire prevention. I don't know whether it's true or not& rdquo;

the reporter visited several decoration material markets. In a shop selling anti-theft doors on Yuexiu Middle Road, a lady like a landlady introduced an East × Brand steel plastic door, “ The material of the door is steel plate, and the filling material inside is ‘ High pressure polyurethane foaming ’, It can prevent fire and sound, 1880 yuan for a door& rdquo; In another store, the owner also introduced a steel door, saying that the filling material was “ Fireproof foam &rdquo& ldquo; Fire resistant for about half an hour ”, The price is 1480 yuan. However, these stores said they did not provide fire prevention certificates

“ The door filler here is rock wool, which has fire prevention certificate, and the fire resistance time can reach 72 minutes ”, In the third house × The sales manager of jiapai's franchise store said that their products with fire prevention function have obtained fire prevention certificates, a product with fire prevention function “ Class B anti-theft safety door ”, The price is 2680 yuan, without fire prevention function “ Level-D anti-theft safety door ”, The price is 1800 yuan, with a difference of 880 yuan

expert: foam can only keep warm but not prevent fire

“ High pressure polyurethane foaming has no fire prevention effect at all ”, Heguoshan, director of the building materials fire inspection department of Guangzhou Academy of quality supervision and testing, told reporters that the so-called “ High pressure polyurethane foaming ” It is easy to catch fire. Even if flame retardant is added, it can't meet the real fire prevention needs, “ Polyurethane is the foam of the refrigerator door, which can only keep warm &rdquo

he Guoshan said that if the anti-theft door wants to add the function of fire prevention, it must meet the two national standards of anti-theft and fire prevention at the same time, “ At present, I haven't seen the real anti-theft door with fire protection function& rdquo;

“ Good fire doors generally use aluminum silicate fiber or rock wool as filling material, or choose other refractory materials with high density. However, these refractories are often the source of toxic smoke from fire, so we can only choose materials with low smoke generation toxicity &rdquo

“ Generally speaking, fire prevention of household doors is of little significance ”, Heguoshan pointed out that even if the anti-theft door can really prevent fire, we should also obtain “ Fire prevention certificate ” And the fire endurance test report, the cost is tens of thousands of yuan. This is a high cost for ordinary manufacturers, “ Therefore, there are few products that are really anti-theft and fire-proof on the market& rdquo;

heguoshan said that to judge whether the product can really prevent fire, it must pass the test, which cannot be judged by the naked eye, “ The fire prevention certificate and test report are numbered, and the authenticity can be queried through the number of the test center& rdquo;





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