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In recent years, with the increasing demand of consumers for furniture, customized wardrobe, whole house customization, and other services have gradually been favored by consumers and become increasingly popular in the furniture consumption market. There is a market when there is demand. Looking at the wardrobe industry, almost powerful wardrobe brands are promoting the direction of full house customization, and wardrobe franchises are also very popular. It is necessary to expand the product line if you want the enterprise to grow and expand. However, when expanding the product line, remember to control the production capacity and do not let the production capacity become a "short board" for development

to join in the wardrobe, investors should consider the enterprise's production capacity

the wardrobe industry has developed for a long time in China, and the overall wardrobe has developed for only ten years. Whole house customization began to rise only two years ago. When franchisees choose to join enterprises, they should really consider whether the brand's production capacity can meet the needs of the terminal market. When many brands that make wardrobes expand to the whole house customization service, it also means that the product line will be expanded and the categories of customized furniture will be richer. At this time, the production capacity must keep up with the demand

insufficient production capacity has a significant impact on wardrobe franchisees.

being a brand customized for the whole house, if the production capacity is insufficient, terminals and dealers will be very constrained and passive. Just imagine that in the same full house custom style series, the quality of various furniture is uneven, the production cycle is long, the delivery cycle is long, and the success rate of one-time installation is low. How can such capacity meet the requirements of terminal store customers for products and services

as one of the top ten brands of China's overall wardrobe, Deville has been working hard to improve its production capacity advantage in order to meet the terminal demand of dealers all over the country. Deville has a modern production base of more than 60000 square meters, the world's leading German Haomai production equipment, information-based production lines and excellent management team. It can produce wardrobe, cloakroom, bookcase, computer desk, wardrobe sliding door, living room accessories, bedroom accessories and other customized products for the whole house, providing customized services for tens of millions of families across the country. So far, Deville has more than 500 dealers and more than 600 franchised stores across the country. In order to meet the needs of the rapid expansion of the brand, Deville has opened a second production base and added a number of German Haomai production lines. Such strong production capacity can calmly meet the needs of the end market in the next 3-5 years

in addition, while expanding production scale, Deville also used Internet technologies such as cloud shopping guide and one-stop home improvement service e-commerce platform to improve the efficiency of service links and greatly liberate production capacity

as an investor in wardrobe franchising, you should choose a brand that is aggressive and progressive

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