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Miss Chen called our website to ask about whether the "decoration before payment" is reliable. Miss Chen said that she was looking for a home decoration company for her new home. On the way, she found someone shouting the slogan "decoration before payment". If this is true, she would like to have a try

in fact, there is more than one home decoration company that claims to "decorate first and then pay". Our website secretly visited a home decoration company in January this year and raised relevant questions. With Miss Chen's question, the author also visited and inquired about a mainstream decoration company that proposed "decoration before payment" this week, hoping to help consumers see clearly what's going on inside

● question 1: what is "decoration before payment"

after visiting a company about "decoration before payment" at the beginning of this year, we found that their so-called "decoration before payment" is not equal to paying after decoration, but dividing the decoration into three stages "installment payment" of design, foundation construction and main material construction. The premise is "acceptance". Strictly speaking, this should be regarded as changing the method of installment payment for decoration. So, how does the home decoration company that recently proposed this concept define "decoration before payment"

Troubleshooting: with the above problems, the author visited the company's headquarters in Xuhui District and learned that their so-called "decoration before payment" actually changed the payment proportion of the original decoration money from 55%, 40% and 5% to 55%, 20% and 25%. For consumers, the medium-term payment can be reduced by 20%, and the balance in hand has also increased by 20%

a senior person in the industry said that strictly speaking, the new model they launched should be called "decoration before payment in addition to labor costs". The so-called "labor cost" refers to the relevant costs brought by the construction, including materials, labor, transportation, etc., which are mostly included in 75% of the initial and medium-term costs, and have been paid in succession; The part of the management cost and profit beyond the "labor cost" is paid after the decoration is completed and approved by consumers. For example, the total decoration fee of your home is mostly composed of basic engineering + main materials + design fee + decoration management fee. If you choose "decoration before payment", the main materials, design fee and decoration management fee still need to be paid normally, while the part of basic engineering can be paid at 55%, 20% and 25%

● question 2: what substantive problems can the new payment method solve

although the so-called "decoration before payment" is based on the removal of main materials, design fees, decoration management fees and labor costs, for consumers, during the period from the middle to the end of decoration, which is the most prone to conditions, the money in their hands is indeed 20% more than before. So, what benefits will this new payment method provide us and what substantive problems can it solve

Troubleshooting: designers and workers are more serious, valued and responsible, home decoration companies are more efficient in solving problems and mistakes, and the service process is more detailed and in place, which can be said to be the most substantive problem that the new payment method can solve if it takes shape

this is because, from the previous 55%, 40% and 5% to 55%, 20% and 25%, in the new payment method, the payment proportion of basic engineering decoration has changed greatly. Originally, only 5% of the final payment of home decoration companies was in the hands of consumers, but now 1/4 (25%) of the money has been confiscated. Jin Bo said that if you may not pay attention to the 5% balance before, it doesn't matter whether you can recover it or not. Now, facing 25% of the final payment, home decoration companies must do their best to satisfy consumers, otherwise they will lose everything. And home decoration companies pay more attention to the recovery of the balance, which also means that consumers' voice in decoration has been upgraded, and the two are inseparable

● question 3: if there are problems in the decoration process, will the final payment be paid

consumers with a quarter of the decoration money in their hands do have a greater say, but does this mean that if the home decoration company has problems in the decoration process, consumers can really not pay the balance? Who will judge the size of the problem and bear the money lost

Troubleshooting: no matter what kind of decoration or payment mode the home decoration company introduces, its original intention is to attract consumers and improve awareness, and it will never take "oneself at a loss" as the premise. In that case, if consumers hold this quarter of the final payment and don't give up, what will home decoration companies do? Jinbo answered that there are two aspects to the problem of the final payment. First, if the final payment cannot be collected due to the dissatisfaction of consumers due to the hard injury of decoration or soft service problems, the company will first find the crux of the problem and solve it as soon as possible, and then find the responsible person to make a self-examination to the owner, and collect the final payment after the consumers agree. If the final payment is not collected due to irreparable time or economic losses to consumers, the responsible person shall bear the losses

second, if consumers deliberately find fault or maliciously do not pay the balance, the home decoration company will mediate first and try to solve the concerns of the owners. If they fail, they will seek legal means to protect themselves. At that time, in addition to 25% of the final payment, such consumers will also pay an additional 1% of the total decoration fee in arrears. Whether the decoration and service contents are in place is mainly judged by the formal text contents such as the home decoration contract signed in advance between the consumer and the home decoration company, the attachment of the home decoration contract and the customer notification

● question 4: if there is a payment dispute, will it affect the after-sales service

whether there are problems in the decoration quality and how to solve the dissatisfaction in the service. Everyone has different standards for "perfect decoration and service". If there are differences between home decoration companies and consumers, resulting in payment disputes, will the warranty services of basic engineering parts such as water and electricity transformation, waterproofing and pavement also stagnate

Troubleshooting: in fact, there should be no intersection or subordination between payment disputes and after-sales service. Jinbo bluntly said that as long as the two sides signed the home decoration contract, decoration and warranty services have become the things that home decoration companies must do. In this regard, consumers are protected by law. The payment dispute caused by various reasons is another matter, which has nothing to do with decoration and warranty. Therefore, even if both parties are in a payment dispute and fail to reach an agreement, the home decoration company must also perform the warranty service

● notes ●

"decoration before payment"

leave consumers more say

the author believes that regardless of the specific operation mode and content of "decoration before payment", the proposal of this statement is progressive for consumers and the industry. In fact, when enhancing the voice of consumers, home decoration companies also have a purpose in their hearts. There are many designers, foremen, workers and supervisors who design and decorate every family, and each has his own thoughts. The effect of relying on the management of the home decoration company alone is very small

therefore, home decoration companies give consumers more initiative and monitoring power in disguise. In this way, on the one hand, the service quality can be improved. On the other hand, consumers are also the most impartial "managers", who are helping the real management to find out the problems of employees

or change the way of decoration payment, or adjust the proportion of payment. Although some people are willing to break the essential problems of the home decoration industry, no one can really achieve "decoration before payment". No matter how much you run, there is always a distance from the end. As consumers, we are undoubtedly looking forward to the era of "decoration before payment". If such a day comes, it will not only mean the change of decoration mode, but also reflect the progress and self-confidence of the whole industry. For consumers, this progressive model will also make home decoration more reassuring and worry free

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