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With the rapid development of the integrated wall top industry, at present, the integrated wall manufacturers have developed and designed various fashionable wallboards according to the needs of consumers, such as marble, wood grain, fabric, solid color, etc., and there are thousands of colors to choose from.

with the rapid development of the integrated wall top industry, at present, the integrated wall manufacturers have developed and designed various fashionable wallboards according to the needs of consumers, such as marble There are thousands of designs and colors to choose from, such as wood grain, cloth art, solid color, etc. However, the more choices you have, the consumers don't know how to match them. Today, tscn Tuscany integrated wall will teach you a trick to make your perfect home with bamboo and wood fiber integrated wall

first, the style of integrated wall panel matches the overall home decoration style.

integrated wall decoration is an environmental friendly and fast decorative material, which has always attracted consumers with heat insulation, waterproof and moisture-proof, good sound insulation, convenient installation, convenient cleaning, zero formaldehyde and no pollution. However, in fact, the integrated wall can realize DIY customized services for individuals, which has attracted many young people who pursue personalized decoration style, However, if you want to decorate the house you want, Xiaobian hereby suggests that consumers should choose the style and color of integrated wallboard in combination with the overall home decoration style, so as not to cause confusion in the effect of decoration style

second, the style of integrated wall panels should adapt to the size of the space

people who have a little knowledge of integrated walls know that the wall surface is divided into large patterns and small broken flowers in terms of design and color. The plates with large flowers are not suitable for small areas of space, but small rooms are more suitable for small and exquisite patterns. In addition to size, there are also tricks for the style selection of patterns. For example, some designs and colors with dark patterns can make the space appear wider, The colors of vertical stripes have a stretching effect on the space. In short, choosing the right wallboard according to the size of your space may give you unexpected decoration effects

III. The style of integrated wall panels should be matched with furniture

when carrying out home decoration, especially for the owners of secondary decoration, the furniture style should be taken into account when choosing the style pattern. For the whole house, the wall is like a big background, and our furniture or other home decorations are decorations on the background, The two must be set off and harmonious with each other in order to show the perfect effect of home decoration, which is also the significance of our home decoration. If you haven't figured out the style you want, you might as well choose white or other classic and versatile wall styles

IV. the style of integrated wall panels should be coordinated with the light

most consumers have a factor that they do not consider when choosing the style of integrated wall panels, that is, the collocation of wall panels and light. Basically, all consumers will not consider the problem of light, but the combination of light and wallboard will improve the effect of the whole home decoration. For example, if the room is sunny, we can choose cool colors such as light blue or grass green. Neutralizing the temperature of the space will make the room more bright and spacious. If we add darker wallboard patterns, the whole space will appear calm and atmospheric, The bright light will not make the space too dull. If the light in the room is insufficient, choosing warm colors such as beige, light pink and orange can simply solve the problem of dark light

decoration is to dress up your home as you want. Tscn Tuscany integrated wallboard has a variety of styles, and professional designers can customize your home decoration design scheme to meet any needs for home decoration

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