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In September, the traditional peak decoration season has arrived, and major home decoration companies are also busy. With the improvement of living standards, citizens' requirements for home decoration have gradually increased. However, the home decoration industry has emerged the trick of substituting inferior materials for good ones and reusing materials. In fact, many cities have large-scale national chains or local senior formal home decoration companies, but according to statistics, more than half of the decoration owners will choose guerrillas. Why does wild decoration become a hot pastry in everyone's eyes? Are they really cheap and good? Next, let's summarize the permanent traps of guerrillas. 1、 Lure customers at low prices

guerrillas often lure customers at low prices first. A person in charge of home decoration revealed that the usual trick of home decoration guerrillas is to offer a low price, but this low price will be at the cost of poor project quality. In addition, the profit in the early stage seems to be very thin, but the decoration cost in the later stage is not necessarily low, especially the calculation of adding items and dismantling items halfway is too frequent. 2、 They will set up a model room with a large bureau to attract customers, and even give a rebate to the owner of the model room to ask them to help say a good word. The money lost here, of course, comes back from the customers. 3、 Contracts are full of pitfalls

because there are too many decoration projects that are too detailed, inexperienced owners see a big agreement, and feel that it is detailed and complete, with price and signature. It is not a sales contract, just sign it. 4、 Water and electricity transformation fool people

how much money is water and electricity transformation? It's hard to estimate. It's all done on site and paid in according to the party. Well, all the decoration is calculated in this way, so we can only do it according to this. 5、 Materials are too fishy to hide

due to the low quotation, it is necessary to do tricks on materials. Either they are not allowed to bill, resulting in a great waste of materials, or they are careless, and come to steal beams and change pillars. The actual overall cost is still very high. 6、 Construction quality cannot be controlled

guerrilla decoration on the surface, a clean water house becomes a warm home, which is psychologically worth it. And the false appearance of the surface masks the poor construction quality! Regular companies paint with three bottoms and two sides, a total of five layers. Guerrillas are two layers on the surface. Can you see these? 7、 There is no way to talk about after-sales and warranty.

regular decoration companies have established a system of project warranty and after-sales service after the completion of the project. After the completion of the project, as long as there are quality problems in the project supplied by the decoration company and constructed by the decoration company, the decoration company will provide warranty services free of charge

after the warranty period, the decoration company will charge for lifelong maintenance of the completed project. Although the guerrillas guarantee, they can't find it when they really implement the warranty. The project warranty has become empty talk, let alone lifelong maintenance. Finally, Xiaobian still recommends that if you need decoration, you'd better choose some professional home decoration companies with complete qualifications and good reputation to decorate, and look at their business licenses, construction qualifications and office environment. At the same time, we can investigate the unfinished cases of the decoration company and carefully observe its construction quality and management level. Decoration is a short-term behavior, but the home is long-term, and the quality of decoration can never be seen from the surface. Many owners are always entangled in the decoration process for a long time, but ignore the most important after-sales service. When you find a quality problem, the guerrillas have nothing to do with you




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