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Many parents think that a child's room should be clean and comfortable. In fact, it is not. A good living environment has a far greater impact on children's body and heart than we think. A good living environment can make children physically and mentally healthy. Therefore, if you want your children to have a healthy body and a happy childhood, parents must pay attention to the decoration of their children's rooms

education experts suggest that in the growth of children, “ Freedom ” It is the cradle of a child's imagination. For young children, the living room activity space is very important to them. No matter what their parents tell them, and because of their nature, children still like to crawl and roll on the floor. Children's room decoration can be said to be an art. List several highlights of children's room decoration that are easy to ignore

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1 Children's separate learning and playing space. We should carefully grasp and customize according to the preferences and living habits of boys and girls, and the atmosphere of the bedroom should be rendered and created differently

2. Choose colors according to gender. Generally speaking, boys like cyan series (cyan, cyan, cyan), and girls like red series (red, Fuchsia, red, orange). Colorless and yellow series of colors are gender neutral and acceptable to both boys and girls

3. Children's beds should have “ Elasticity ”. Children are like watery bean sprouts, growing one section a day. It is wise to choose an adjustable elongated bed. A bunk bed that can make full use of space is also a good choice. The lower floor is for children to sleep, and the upper floor can become a place for children's entertainment. Various toys can also be stacked here

4. Reserve exhibition space. Preschool children like to doodle on the wall at will. They can hang a white board or cork board on their activity area, such as the wall, so that children can have a place to doodle and post freely. This will not destroy the overall space, but also stimulate children's creativity

nowadays, the decoration of children's rooms can be described as different styles, which are determined according to children's different preferences, but no matter how the style changes, health is always the eternal theme. Although the four decoration highlights are very important, the more important thing is how to create a comfortable and healthy environment for children. Therefore, environmental protection is the key to the decoration of children's houses. In recent years, decoration pollution has seriously endangered people's health, especially the health of some children. When decorating the children's room, we should try to choose brand environmental protection decoration materials with quality assurance, and try to choose a simple and generous decoration style to reduce decoration projects and prevent decoration pollution from harming children

now there are special children's paints, which are specially developed for children's physical and psychological quality. Now fake and shoddy products are emerging in endlessly. Parents should also recognize the brand when choosing children's paint. They must look at the function, configuration, reputation, etc. of the paint to see whether you choose health paint. This is the top priority of children's room decoration. For the health of children, parents should remember

link: Children's room should avoid bright red and green colors, and should be bright and bright.

safety is urgent to create children's home safety “ 5S” Principles





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